How many calories do particular drinks and popular beverages have?

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Alcohol is said to be empty calories. This is absolutely true. If you want to lose weight, you should cut down not only on sweets but also on high-alcohol drinks. Find out how many calories are in your favorite drinks!

How many calories does pure alcohol have?

1 g of pure ethyl alcohol is 7 kcal. This is more than the same amount of carbohydrates and proteins. The fact that pure alcohol does not provide us with any nutrients also works against it.

How many calories does vodka have?

At first glance, pure vodka may seem to be low in calories. However, this is only an illusion. A glass of vodka (50 ml) is as much as 110 kcal. During parties, we usually drink more than one shot, so if, for example, we drink four glasses of vodka, we will consume as much as 440 kcal!

How many calories does beer have?

Beer is one of the most popular and widely consumed alcoholic beverages. It is cheap and the desire to drink it can be an excuse for social meetings. And although drinking beer is associated with a pleasant, carefree lifestyle, it can be harmful to our figure. It is assumed that a liter of beer contains as much as 500 kcal.

How many calories does wine have?

Dry red wine is considered the healthiest of all alcohols. This is due to the high content of antioxidants. It also contains few calories: a glass of red wine is only 50 kcal. However a glass of sweet red wine provides us with as much as 150 kcal. 

White wine, however, is slightly more caloric. A glass of dry white wine is 75 kcal, and a glass of sweet wine 120 kcal.

How many calories do popular drinks have?

Caloricity of colored drinks depends not only on the alcohol content, but also all the flavor additives, such as sweetener, sugar, syrup, fruit, cocoa, egg yolks, etc. All this influences them to contain even more calories.

How many calories does a mojito have?

  • 50 ml of white rum – 116 kcal,
  • 15 g of sugar – 60 kcal,
  • half a lime – 15 kcal,
  • mint – 0 kcal,
  • sparkling water – 0 kcal,
  • ice – 0 kcal.

In total, one serving of mojito provides us with approximately 190 kcal. If we increase the portion of rum, the calorie content will be higher.

How many calories does a cosmopolitan have?

  • 40 ml of lemon vodka – 90 kcal,
  • 15 ml of triple sec – 40 kcal,
  • 15 ml of lemon juice – 5 kcal,
  • 30 ml of cranberry juice – 12 kcal.

The drink has a total of 147 kcal. And although it may seem that the heroes of “Sex in the city” drank it in liters, in fact, they had to work long on their figure.

How many calories does a piña colada have?

  • 30 ml of white rum – 70 kcal,
  • 30 ml of coconut milk – 60 kcal,
  • 90 ml of pineapple juice: 50 kcal.

A glass of piña colada will give us 180 kcal. However, we can meet with a version of the drink, which contains cream – then the calorie content of one serving will increase.

How many calories does a cuba libre have?

  • 60 ml of white rum – 138 kcal,
  • 150 ml of cola – 63 kcal.

You can reduce the calorie content of the drink by adding Cola Zero. However, in its basic version it will provide us with 201 kcal.

How many calories does Long Island Iced Tea have?

  • 15 ml of tequila – 33 kcal,
  • 15 ml of vodka – 33 kcal,
  • 15 ml of white rum – 35 kcal,
  • 15 ml of gin – 33 kcal,
  • 15 ml of triple sec – 40 kcals,
  • 25 ml of lemon juice – 10 kcal,
  • 30 ml of sugar syrup – 80 kcal,
  • 50 ml of cola – 20 kcal.

Finally, the most caloric of all drinks. Long Island Iced Tea has as much as 285 kcal. This is also one of the strongest drinks. In its composition is up to 5 different alcohols.

How to drink alcohol and not get fat?

It was discovered that when drinking alcohol we gain weight not only because of the calories contained, but because of the ethanol content itself. It stimulates the secretion of estrogen, which leads to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. To inhibit this process, when drinking alcohol, you should also consume large amounts of still water. This will avoid slowing down metabolic processes.

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