How to create fashionable and un-boring looks with T-shirt as the main role?

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It would seem that in order to create a fashionable outfit you need a large number of different clothes. A T-shirt is all you need to look cool, stand out from the crowd and follow the current trends at the same time. Read on to find out how to create eye-catching outfits using T-shirts.

One colour T-shirt

White T-shirt is the most versatile choice for both casual and formal outfits. It will go well with classic cut jeans or shorts. For an elegant look, wear a white T-shirt with a jacket and chinos. It also works well with a sweatshirt or a leather jacket. White T-shirt is a great base for creating various outfits, both simple and toned down, as well as more daring.

Equally classic and versatile are black T-shirts for men, which can play the main role in many outfits. When matched with black pants, such a T-shirt will give an elegant character to the outfit. It is also a good idea to wear a formal jacket with it. For a unique look, opt for light brown pants and brown or black moccasins.

Trendy are pastel colors, which should be combined with other pastels or neutral colors such as white, gray or beige. Stronger colors such as yellow, raspberry pink and orange are also on trend.

How to choose a T-shirt to go with a jacket?

When choosing a T-shirt for a blazer, it is worth paying attention to ensure that it is of good quality. Apart from white and black colors, brown or gray T-shirts will also look good. Those with more vivid colors may look interesting, but for formal or business occasions it is better to bet on subdued colors.

Striped T-shirts will look good under a jacket, but those decorated with prints or graphics are good only in the least formal outfits. Remember that the T-shirt should fit well – it cannot be too loose or too tight and the neckline should not be too deep. If the T-shirt is longer than the jacket, tuck it into the pants.

Printed T-shirts

Colorful and patterned T-shirts work well with solid-colored pants. However, they don’t have to be classic black or denim pants. For men who like to stand out, pants in pastel colors are a good option, which are currently the most fashionable. Among men’s clothes the most fashionable pattern are flowers, in different shapes and sizes.

For a sportier look, pair printed T-shirts with sweatpants or joggers and trendy sneakers or sneakers. Among the current trends are urban style outfits. For an urban look, pair a patterned T-shirt with ripped jeans or joggers. T-shirts with inscriptions and graphics add a unique character to outfits, making them stand out from the crowd and highlighting individuality.

What neckline of a T-shirt?

Apart from choosing the color of shirt to the occasion and figure, it is worth to pay attention to the cut of T-shirt. Men with slim build, narrow shoulders and slim face should choose T-shirts with round neckline. This will optically broaden the silhouette. V-neck will slim your face and figure, therefore it will be a good choice for men of strong build, not too tall and with broad shoulders. This T-shirt optically slims your silhouette.

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