Is long sleep a short road to weight loss?

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Experts have no doubt that the length of our sleep is reflected not only in how we feel and look, but also how many centimeters we have in our waist

Sleep is good for your health – and there is probably no doubt about the truth of this statement. Adequate, quality night’s relaxation contributes not only to the proper functioning of the body, but also to a good mood or a nice appearance. It is also worth knowing that when we sleep, our body regenerates (including muscles that have been damaged during training). In addition, more growth hormone and testosterone are produced

What is the risk of not getting enough sleep?

So what is the risk of not getting enough sleep? Weight gain. How is this possible? A tired person has a bigger appetite and more often reaches for high-calorie and fatty snacks. This process is associated with the fact that when we do not provide the body with an adequate amount of sleep, the level of leptin in the blood decreases, while the level of ghrelin and cortisol increases. Recall also that extra pounds are not only a matter of appearance, but also a greater risk of heart disease or diabetes

How many hours should sleep last?

Experts repeatedly say that the length of sleep is an individual matter – however, it should not be shorter than 7 hours and longer than 9. And how can you take care of its quality? Remember that you get the best rest when you ventilate the bedroom before going to bed and lower the temperature in the room to about 20 degrees. Also, an hour before you give into the arms of Morpheus, give up watching TV or staring at your phone screen


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