Wedding guest – which looks are allowed and which should be avoided?

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Wedding is a unique celebration, requiring appropriate attire, also among the guests. It should be neat and elegant, matched to the type of beauty and figure. We suggest how to create a great hairstyle.

Smooth dark-coloured suit

A classic suit is chic and timeless, always perfect for occasions such as a wedding. Its color should not be black, but for example navy blue or graphite. As far as the cut is concerned, it must fit perfectly – not too big, not too small.

The best choice is a woolen suit with a touch of polyester (thanks to which it does not crease), and in summer with an addition of airy linen. Interestingly, if you want to look slimmer, choose a single-breasted jacket with two buttons. A vest in a different color or with an interesting pattern will add a touch of nonchalance.

For this suit, you can choose a white, blue, cream or light pink shirt (you can also go crazy with the pattern – stripes, dots, flowers, Turkish paisley pattern) and a plain or subtle micro-pattern tie.

Grey suit and patterns

A classic grey suit is also an excellent choice. Not only is it extremely elegant, but it’s also the perfect base for a patterned shirt or colored tie. This combination will allow you to show a bit of your personality and character, and will suit all fashion lovers who like non-standard combinations.

Timeless checked suit

A pattern that appears in almost every collection of the world’s designers is a check. It is timeless and elegant, but at the same time with a bit of edge. A checkered suit goes with a classic white, cream or blue shirt and a plain or slightly micro-patterned tie.

Separate pants and jacket, yet together

There is one more solution – instead of a suit, wear pants and a jacket in a different color. In this case, however, they have to be skillfully combined, so that the whole look looks flawless, relaxed, but still matches the climate of the wedding. For example, a white shirt and grey or beige pants will go well with a navy blue jacket, navy blue or blue pants with a graphite jacket and graphite or navy blue pants with a grey jacket.

Do not wear this!

Short sleeve shirts

At almost every wedding, there will be a man, usually an older man, who will be wearing a short-sleeved shirt. While it’s comfortable and airy, so it seems perfect for summer parties, its glory days are far behind it and it has nothing to do with classic male elegance. Especially when matched with a tie. These two elements are completely mutually exclusive. A good solution is simply to roll up the sleeves of the shirt – the cooling effect should be the same.

A visible shirt

Wearing a t-shirt under your shirt for some is downright mandatory and they feel better when they have one. There is nothing wrong with this, however, the problem arises when the shirt is visible at the neck for example. This should not happen. The t-shirt should be invisible. It is best to choose a fitted cut in a flesh color that cannot be seen

Tie in the color of your partner’s dress

Who remembers shiny ties that perfectly match the color of your partner’s dress? Turquoise, orange, red… There were a lot of them. And the key is the word “was”. Now such styling is a faux-pas. Tie matched to the dress, but in a subtle way, as a complement (but not contrast).

Short socks

Men’s calves should always be covered, even when sitting. Therefore, short socks are out. They need to be long enough that they do not expose the legs in any situation.


A tuxedo is too formal for a wedding, intended for parties held after 6 p.m. A classic suit will work better. And if anyone should already be wearing a tuxedo, it is the groom, not the guest.

Shiny suit

Finally, another nightmare – satin suits with shiny thread. These should have long since lain at the bottom of the closet or left it altogether. They do not look good neither in person nor in pictures or films. They border on kitsch, and nobody wants that.


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