How to match the coat to your figure? Check which model you will look best in

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Men’s coats are perfect for any season of the year, although they are definitely the king of autumn and winter. How to match coat to the figure? Check it!

Autumn-winter aura, i.e. increasing cold and plunge weather is no reason to resign from elegance. On the contrary, it is worth choosing a warmer coat, even at the expense of a jacket. Of course, warm jacket should also have its place in closet of a stylish guy, but it does not fit to every styling, as coats do. A well-fitted coat is a great option for work, a social meeting or any other occasion when good looks are crucial. So what coat to choose to look stylish? Gentlemen, we suggest!

What types of coats do we have? How to choose a coat that fits your figure?

In stores we will find various types of men’s coats, from elegant to more casual (e.g. winter coat, which is a short, hooded coat made of thick, woolen fabric). This coat is certainly the most youthful cut of the coat. It is very comfortable, so it is perfect for everyday wear

If you are looking for something more elegant, you can bet on the petticoats. These are woolen double-breasted coats with open lapels. The classic version of such coat should have wooden buttons. Petty officer is an extremely elegant cut, which is ideal for formal outings

In the hierarchy of men’s haberdashery the highest position are diplomatic coats. What do they look like? These are single-breasted coats, reaching more or less to the knees. Such a coat will certainly add dignity and elegance, because for years it has been associated with class and high society.

What to look for when choosing a coat?

Before buying a coat, you should pay attention to several elements, such as:

1. Optimal length of a men’s coat

The length of the coat should be adjusted to the season. For warmer months, it is better to have a short version of the coat. When choosing the right model of this garment, it is worth to pay attention to the fact that the coat should reach at least halfway to the buttocks, and at the same time, it should not be longer than to the knees. The length of the outer garment should also depend on the height of the man. Men, whom nature has endowed with height, can practically choose in all models of coats. Unfortunately, men of shorter height, should avoid long models, because they optically take away a few more centimeters

2. The right color coat

The most elegant and timeless is, of course, black. It is a color that fits almost every style. Safe colors for men’s coats are also browns and grays. Although they are less versatile than black, but on their basis it is also possible to create original and fashionable styling. If we want to optically slim the figure, it is worth to choose a coat in deep black. And how to approach other colors? More expressive colors, such as yellow, red, green are a good option when a man wants to stand out from the crowd or just likes to play with fashion. It is important to bet on one strong accent in the styling, so the whole does not look kitschy

3. Appropriate cut of the coat

Fitting coat, of course, you need to take into account not only the type of figure, but also the amount of clothes that will be worn under the coat. Men with a slightly more massive body build and well-defined muscles, should not choose cuts of coats tight to the body, because they may look caricatured. Men with so called “beer belly” should also not choose tight-fitting models, it is better to opt for looser cuts. And what about men with slim figures? They are lucky that they can choose practically any cut of coats, although they will look best in fitted models


Main photo: Edward Berthelot/ WireImage/ Getty Images

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