3 books about sports worth reaching for

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Books about sports have recently enjoyed enduring popularity because of the form of biographies and confessions of athletes that they have chosen to put on paper. Which ones are worth attention?

The easiest way is to choose a book about a sport you are interested in. You are more likely to read a book about FC Barcelona if you play soccer. The books in question are not just biographies, but stories about the influence of politics on the Olympics or social manipulation. Recent years have been very prolific when it comes to sports literature, so there is certainly no shortage of items to read!

American basketball player Michael Jordan

The book “Michael Jordan. Life” by Roland Lazenby is one of the popular positions. Jordan is a great athlete, an authority for basketball players at every level and a star, recognized around the world. In addition to playing basketball at the highest level, he enjoyed roles in movies, commercials, and participated in charity events.

The book not only presents the sports world, which can be brutal and ungrateful to its players. It also deals with memories of the past, the power of perseverance and the ability to pick yourself up after a loss. The book also includes mentions of pop culture, in which Jordan played an important role.

“I, Ibra”

Another item will be the book “I, Ibra” treating about Zlatan Ibrahimović, a phenomenal footballer who, regardless of the club in which he came to train, did everything to be the best. He played for Ajax, Juventus, Inter, Paris Saint-Germain, Milan, Manchester United or Milan. Each time he surrounded the team with care and was incredibly tenacious

Besides his remarkable sense of humor and intelligence, he could score goals in a way that has never been seen. He is one of the most colorful figures in sports history. The text was written with the help of David Lagercrantz, who listened to Zlatan Ibrahimović’s story and put it on paper.

“The Berlin Games. How Hitler stole the Olympic dream”

“Games in Berlin” is a text by Guy Walters translated by Norbert Radomski. He is the author and editor of more than 9 texts on World War II. He also deals with the historical analysis of the Berlin Olympics. As one of the few, the text shows the combination of sport with politics, propaganda and ideology.

The 1936 Olympic meeting is a controversial event that occupies the main part of the book. Walters focused on the story of the manipulation carried out by Hitler that led to turning the idea of the Games into Nazi propaganda. The author urges us to look for parallels to Hitler’s propaganda in modern times and assures us that the book is timeless.

And a little bonus

A book where the combination of sports and political gamesmanship takes the lead is “Kings of the Gunners. Football in the Shadow of Empire” by Zbigniew Rokita. It is a story about sports in Eastern Europe, the FIFA championships with Abkhazia, Kurdistan and the Donetsk People’s Republic at the forefront. The author raises questions about Wilimowski’s election and the creation of a league in Crimea. He shows political connections that later become threads woven into the reality of the sport in question.

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