Face serums – what is this product and why will you thank yourself when you include it in your skincare routine?

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Face serum is a beauty care product rich in active ingredients with beneficial effects. Let’s find out why serums should be part of your beauty routine!

What is a face serum? What is the secret of its action?

Serums are part of the product range of major cosmetic brands – and for good reason. It is a unique cosmetic that works much stronger than a cream. It can have a gel, oil or watery consistency. Most often serums are applied to the skin with a convenient pipette. You could say that it is a kind of concentrate. Thanks to many active substances in its composition, serum can improve the condition of a man’s skin, restoring its attractive and well-groomed look. With just a few drops of the product, you can enjoy better skin condition and solve many cosmetic problems. Why specifically should you reach for a face serum?

The advantages of using facial serums

Serums make our skin care more intensified. Depending on the purpose of a particular product and its composition, serums can:

  • stimulate skin cells to rebuild (reduce wrinkles and fine lines),
  • increase skin hydration,
  • lighten sun and acne discolorations,
  • reduce the appearance of blackheads,
  • nourish the skin and restore its firmness,
  • improve skin tone,
  • soothe skin irritation caused by various treatments.

It is worth adding that the serum does not burden the skin in any way – when used regularly it gives great results. Usually serums are used periodically e.g. for 1-3 months. After this time one should take a break from such intensive care for a few weeks. The cosmetic can be used by men of any age who struggle with various skin problems. Serum is especially recommended for men after 25 years of age, who can notice the first signs of skin aging

Good serum – which ingredients have a beneficial effect on men’s skin?

What ingredients are worth paying attention to when buying a facial serum? According to cosmetologists, the most valuable ingredients from the point of view of skin condition include

  • collagen – delays the aging process of the skin, restores its elasticity and firmness,
  • hyaluronic acid – deeply moisturizes dry skin, reduces fine wrinkles, gives the skin a healthy, youthful glow,
  • retinol – penetrates deep into the skin, supports cellular repair process, improves color, reduces fine lines, reduces discolouration,
  • niacinamide – regulates sebum secretion by the sebaceous glands, thus reducing the appearance of unsightly enlarged pores, reverses the effects of photoaging, nourishes the skin
  • vitamin C – has antioxidant (anti-aging) properties, fantastically brightens the skin, seals the blood vessels, making the so-called spider veins less visible. What is important, vitamin C can be used at any time of the year.

How to properly apply serum to the face? Practical tips

Application of serum for men is very simple. Apply a few drops of serum with a pipette to the face and gently pat into the skin with fingertips (skin must be clean and dry). What not to do? It is a mistake to rub the serum intensively into the skin – you should use gentle movements during application. Then you can wait a few minutes and apply your standard face care cream

What brands of serums for men are worth buying? High quality cosmetics with good composition are offered by AA Cosmetics, Dr Irena Eris, Truefitt&Hill, Biotherm Homme

In conclusion, face serum is an easy-to-use cosmetic, dedicated to every modern man who cares about looking good – regardless of the passing time


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