Hair transplant – everything you want to know about it but are ashamed to ask

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Your hair used to be impressive and thick, but now you see gaps? Hair loss is a problem that mainly affects men but it also occurs in women. Is it worth getting a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is an increasingly popular procedure. For many people it is the only way to get many baby hairs on their head again. According to research by trichology specialists, hair loss affects 40% of women and as many as 70% of men worldwide, and there may be various reasons for this. Most people want to stop this unpleasant and embarrassing process, that’s why they spend a fortune on all kinds of hair follicle growth enhancers. Unfortunately, most of these are topical products that do not guarantee hair regrowth. So, when cosmetics available at the drugstore do not bring the expected results, it is best to visit a doctor, who after a detailed interview may suggest a hair transplantation.

What should you know about hair transplantation?

Have you tried all the preparations from the drugstore, which were supposed to stimulate hair follicles to grow back, but unfortunately this did not happen? You are embarrassed and your self-confidence is clearly diminished because the baldness on your head is getting bigger and bigger. Maybe it’s time to opt for a hair transplant? Of course, you first need to discuss the details with your doctor and accurately diagnose the cause of your hair loss. It may be a hereditary predisposition, excessive skin seborrhea or the effect of a chronic disease, but if lifestyle changes (especially a healthy and balanced diet) and preparations applied topically do not help, it is time to ask for help from a specialist.

What does a hair transplantation actually consist of?

During the procedure of the donor area on the patient’s head, hair follicles with the bulb and a small fragment of the scalp are taken. During one procedure even approx. 1500. This procedure is performed with the help of a modern and accurate medical robot, and not, as a few years ago, by doctors. Nowadays such procedure is performed extremely precisely, which also limits pain and other unpleasant sensations

Are there any scars after hair transplantation?

Modern medicine is advanced, and doctors themselves are aiming at comfortable and aesthetic solutions for the patient. Today, mainly the least invasive hair transplantation using the FUE method is popular. It consists in the fact that instead of transplanting entire strips of hairy skin, only single sets of hair follicles are taken. The result is satisfactory because it accelerates the reduction of unsightly scars. And it is the fear of scars that has often stopped patients from opting for hair transplantation surgery. However, it is important to know that if they remain, they are not visible, so this should not be a factor in deciding against this procedure.

What are the effects of hair transplantation?

After the procedure, to see satisfactory results, you need to be patient, because the process of regrowth of hair takes time. Many clinics that perform transplants report that the first results can be expected after six weeks after the procedure. Then the so-called baby hairs appear on the patient’s head in places where hair roots and follicles have been transplanted.

Hair loss is a very embarrassing problem, which unfortunately may affect the psyche of the person who suffers from it. The result can be lowered self-esteem and even depression. According to social surveys, almost 80 percent of men affected by sudden baldness experience discomfort, which manifests itself in a lack of self-confidence, especially when dealing with women. Hair loss refers not only to androgenetic alopecia in men, but also hair loss after accidents, radiation therapy or due to neurosurgery.


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