Tooth extraction – when necessary and should you be afraid?

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Despite the fact that dentistry is developing all the time and dentists are able to cure more and more dental diseases, sometimes tooth extraction is necessary. Some people dread the thought, but are they right? Read on to find out when tooth extraction is necessary.

When should a tooth be extracted?

– Mechanical trauma – if the fracture line of the tooth runs along the roots, or if the tooth is in the gap of a broken jaw, then it should be extracted. First, however, the dentist thoroughly examines the tooth and mouth before deciding to extract (remove the tooth).

– Necrosis – if proper treatment cannot be given and bacteria are present, leading to tissue breakdown.

– Gum disease – some of the gum disease can lead to osteitis or abscess formation.

– Malocclusion correction – sometimes malocclusions that require braces require the removal of one or even several teeth. Extraction is also performed in the case of over or stopped teeth.

– severe infection – it happens that inflammation of a tooth is so strong that no medicines work. In this case, the tooth is extracted to prevent the inflammation from getting worse.

Is there anything to be afraid of?

To remove a tooth, the dentist administers a numbing agent. Most often it is an injection that causes local anesthesia. Then, the dentist uses appropriate tools to tear the circular ligament that surrounds the tooth and, with the help of dental forceps, causes the tooth to dislocate. When the tooth is properly dislocated, the dentist removes it from the socket. It is important to clean the tooth site thoroughly.

Dental levers are used to balance the root. They help minimize tissue damage and reduce the risk of complications after the tooth extraction procedure.

Since tooth extraction is performed under anesthesia, the patient should not feel any pain during the procedure. However, you may feel an uncomfortable feeling of being pulled apart. What is also uncomfortable during tooth extraction is the sound. The pain can be quite high if inflammation develops. However, in such a situation, it is advisable to give an antibiotic a few days beforehand to fight the inflammation.

After a tooth extraction

Pain and discomfort after a tooth extraction are natural. In some cases, dentists recommend painkillers. You may also find relief by applying an ice pack to your face. Pain after the procedure usually lasts about three days. Sometimes there is also swelling after a tooth extraction.

Immediately after tooth extraction it is very important to take care of this area to prevent infection. It is therefore necessary to keep the area clean. After the extraction, the patient must bite a piece of dry, sterile gauze and leave it in place for about 30-45 minutes. This is to reduce bleeding when blood clotting occurs. Within twenty-four hours of removing the tooth, you should not smoke, clean the teeth at the extraction site, or rinse your mouth extensively. You should also not eat any food for about two hours. This is to ensure optimal conditions for wound healing.

The tooth extraction procedure is performed with the use of appropriate tools to ensure safety, and local anesthesia ensures painlessness during the extraction. If you are afraid of this procedure, try to think of it this way: it will allow you to get rid of the discomfort that led to the removal of the tooth. Certainly, if your doctor recommends extraction, you should undergo it to avoid possible consequences and complications.

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