Matchy-matchy? Not in these cases. Find out which items of clothing should not be paired

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Men’s fashion is governed by its own rules. Some elements of clothing perfectly harmonize with each other, others not so much. Although current trends are sometimes even surprising and avant-garde, still some things should not be worn at the same time. What are they?

A big watch with a shirt

A watch is a piece of jewelry that can be admired by most men regardless of age, social status or occasion. However, it is important to remember to match it with yourself and your outfit. Massive watches with heavy bracelets will not look good on slim men. They will work much better on those a bit more muscular and erect.

What definitely does not match, however, is this large watch with a thick envelope worn with a shirt. This element of styling should be discreet and hidden under the cuff – it is only visible when you reach for something or extend your hand to greet or say goodbye. And it should stay that way. A large watch will constantly be caught on the cuff, which not only looks bad but is also simply uncomfortable.

Elegant pants with a metal belt buckle

Many well-known brands offer belts with a distinctive metal buckle inspired by those worn by cowboys. As if that wasn’t enough, it often has a large logo on it, which only makes things worse.

This type of accessory rarely looks good, and certainly not with suit pants. If you want to look classy and elegant, remember about the ‘less is more’ rule. A metal buckle unnecessarily draws attention to the stomach and crotch area. It should be minimalistic, rectangular and unobtrusive.

Short sleeve suit and shirt

Short sleeve shirt worn with a suit is an outfit that we can “admire” very often at Polish weddings. While still in a buttoned up jacket we can hide it in a way, when we take it off, a little nightmare appears. It should be remembered, that short sleeves should not be worn on formal and ceremonial occasions – the cuff should always slightly protrude from the jacket sleeve, which not only lengthens the arm, but also the whole silhouette.

All the more reason not to match a tie with a short-sleeved shirt, as this combination looks absolutely wrong. The way out of this situation is simply a long-sleeved shirt, which can be rolled up to the elbows if necessary.

Tie and pillowcase in the same color and pattern

When it comes to the suit, there is still one more issue – the pillowcase and the tie. Contrary to appearances, it is not a set made of the same material, of the same color, pattern and texture (although you can often buy such sets in stores). These are two separate elements and they should work beautifully together, but not be identical. There must be at least a subtle difference between them.

For example, a large square pillowcase looks great with a micro one on the tie, or a pillowcase in a color complementing the one on the tie. If, on the other hand, we have problems with matching models, then the best solution is to skip the pillowcase.

Jacket and short jacket

A jacket, both casual and suit, looks best accompanied by a coat, which covers it perfectly. In no case should you wear a jacket, which is usually so short that the jacket sticks out from under it. This is wrong not only for aesthetic but also for practical reasons. In this situation, the jacket is constantly exposed to creases, abrasions or moisture – through rain or snow.

Sporty backpack for a suit

Women have bags, men have… backpacks? Is it really a good choice when we are wearing a suit? Absolutely not, although on the streets there is no shortage of such styling. A backpack worn with an elegant outfit simply looks bad. In addition, its handles may deform the shoulder pads, and the weight may cause unsightly creases on the back.

A perfect alternative is a stylish bag, which can easily accommodate a laptop, tablet and all necessary documents and other items. There are plenty of models on the market, usually leather, so no one should have a problem with choosing the best one.

Shorts and long socks

Finally, a short piece of advice. Do not wear long socks with shorts. This is a mistake, because here you should choose low-cut socks of the footie type. This is even more obvious when you match it with moccasins or loafers – a protruding sock will disrupt the whole styling.


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