Style lesson: what did we learn from Pharrell Williams?

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The music industry is a very important part of pop culture, and music creators have a huge influence on different areas of life. Thanks to the development of social media, we can peep almost daily what our favorite singers, rappers or music producers are doing and how they dress

One of the singers more appreciated and loved by fans is Pharrell Williams, whose style of dressing many people consider iconic. Check out what we can learn about fashion from the creator of the hit song “Happy”.

Pharrell Williams is not only a great music artist, but also a brilliant person with a great sense of fashion and style. His styling is a mix of a modern approach to clothing with plenty of bold touches that can’t be missed

His crazy outfits are the subject of many articles in fashion magazines. In 2015, the star was recognized as a style icon by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which for years has been recognizing the most influential figures in the fashion industry

Therefore, you should analyze Pharrell Williams’ style and understand what you can learn from the famous singer. Some of the tips you can successfully apply when choosing your own hairstyles

5 Fashion Lessons from Pharrell Williams

  1. Add a fashion twist to casual outfits

One of the things that makes Pharrell Williams’ style unique and special is the fact that he adds awe-inspiring elements to his everyday looks. This is a great example of how to play with fashion and your own image

We can see the singer in a granny sweater with a funny picture or in an outfit resembling a soldier uniform. Even something seemingly unfashionable and kitschy can become a great part of your outfit.

  1. Choose distinctive accessories

Every fashion icon has a distinctive piece of clothing, and in the case of Pharrell Williams, it is certainly his headwear. Huge hats, stylish brimmed hats or baseball caps are definitely his trademark. The singer has no qualms about wearing elegant brimmed hats with a sweatshirt

  1. Don’t be afraid to modify your outfits

With easy access to fast fashion we can see that a lot of people look almost identical. A great way to stand out from the crowd is to incorporate vintage fashion elements into your outfits. If you are creative and like to play with the form, you can try to remake or modify your clothes yourself

  1. Step out of the box

The way you dress is a great way to show your individual style. To find it, experiment with different colors or patterns. It is also a great solution to go out of the old and well-established patterns

Even if an idea seems crazy to you, it may turn out that it fits perfectly in your closet. Trust your intuition when choosing both casual and more formal outfits.

  1. Have a few things in your closet that are unisex

An ingenious solution, which works superbly with Pharrell Williams’ style, is to have a few things in your closet that are androgynous in nature

Unisex fashion is becoming more and more present in street style, so it’s not worth ignoring. Don’t lock yourself into an outfit or accessory you like just because you found it in the women’s section of a store

Check out some of our favorite musician looks:


Main Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/ FilmMagic/ Getty Images

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