Do you know what dress code applies to a guy at a job interview?

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You can only make a first impression once. That’s why how we present ourselves at a job interview is so important. Although our competence and experience mainly determine whether we get a job, it’s worth taking a longer moment to choose the right styling.

Choose clothes you feel comfortable

At a job interview, we should be dressed up, not dressed down. If we feel bad in a particular style, recruiters will immediately notice our unnatural behavior. Sometimes it’s worth giving up an uncomfortable smart suit in favor of an equally formal but better-fitting outfit.

No headache from too much

At a recruitment interview there is no such thing as too formal a dress code. Sometimes it is better to come to a meeting at a place where there is no elegant dress code in a suit than in a short-sleeved shirt and sneakers. Elegant attire will make us be perceived more seriously and nonverbally demonstrate to recruiters that you care about the position.

Measure your strength by measure – dress appropriately for the position

Our attire for an interview should be appropriate to the position we are applying for. If we care about getting a job in a managerial position, we should present ourselves appropriately. For this occasion, it is worth betting on a suit sewn from high-quality wool and elegant shoes. The rule of wearing a black suit and white shirt applies only during evening meetings. For a job interview, you can safely put on something in less obvious (but still subdued) colors, such as gray or navy blue.

Job interview in summer versus winter

An outfit for a job interview conducted in the full summer sun will differ from styling for a cold winter day. However, in both cases a classic jacket sewn from a natural fabric will work well. In summer it is worth betting on linen or cotton, and in winter on tweed and wool.

A job interview conducted remotely

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common to conduct a job interview remotely. Of course, appropriate attire is also mandatory for this occasion, although you can afford to be more casual. If you are applying for a job where there is no official dress code, you can dispense with a tie and shirt in favor of an elegant sweater. However, when official dress is required of us in a position, we cannot make concessions. Even during a remote job interview, we should put on a shirt, tie and suit.

Dress colors for a job interview

There are some tricks to make a better impression during a job interview. One of them is to wear a blue shirt – this color inspires confidence and we will be seen as conscientious and professional.

If you decide to wear a tie to a job interview remember that it should be a darker color than your shirt. However, avoid colors that are too striking, such as red, green or cobalt. Such a sharp play of intense colors with the white of the shirt can distract recruiters.

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