Style lesson: what did we learn from David Beckham?

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David Beckham’s style is simple and minimalistic, but has a touch of nonchalance and understated elegance. Which elements of his style are worth adding to your closet?

The greatest footballer, celebrity and media personality

David Beckham is one of the greatest soccer icons, who is impossible not to know. This name is associated not only by men, but also by a whole lot of women. He was born in 1975 in London and represented England for many years, including as captain of the national team. He twice came second in the FIFA Footballer of the Year poll, was also the highest paid footballer and sexiest man according to People magazine. He ended his career on the pitch in 2013 with 19 major trophies to his credit, but he continues to be involved in the industry as chairman of Inter Miami CF and co-owner of Salford City.

Since 1999, he has been married to Victoria, then lead singer of the Spice Girls and today an acclaimed designer and fashion icon. They have four children. David took part in numerous advertising campaigns for major brands, he signs a line of cosmetics and perfumes with his own name, he is also a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

Life in the limelight made the footballer’s style was closely followed and repeatedly imitated. He inspires men of all ages. With time, he developed his ideal image, which certainly helped him a lot with his wife. However, he had his share of fashion blunders such as the too-large wedding tailcoat, the leather total look and the bleached hair. Now, the former footballer’s style can be described as a combination of simplicity and minimalism with the latest trends.

The right shirt for every occasion

There is no shortage of shirts in Beckham’s closet. He wears them not only with a suit for formal occasions (usually a perfectly snow-white one), but also for everyday wear. Here they are usually flannel or denim, often with the sleeves rolled up so he can expose his tattoos, or unbuttoned, with a plain T-shirt underneath.

Beckham chooses tailored models that emphasize his athletic physique. He is unlikely to be seen in oversize clothing. However, it is worth remembering that if you decide to wear a shirt but weigh more, it is better to choose regular fit rather than slim fit.

Stylish headwear – from caps to skullcaps

The former footballer’s favourite headgear is the hat, which he skilfully weaves into different looks. The former footballer loves to wear hats, which he skilfully weaves into different hairstyles. He proves that hats look better and more original than ever. Depending on the situation, you can find him in a woollen cap, baseball cap, hat, and recently in the fashionable British retro-style helmet (even for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton he chose a cylinder).

Classic colors are the key to success

David’s styling is kept in a subdued color scheme – most of it is black, navy blue, gray, brown and beige. Of course, there is also his beloved denim. As far as patterns are concerned, it is better to avoid them, or choose pepitas or delicate check, no flashy lettering or prints.

Thanks to such selected closet, everything fits together and there is no problem with combining different elements, it is also easier to avoid mistakes. In addition, there is no need to go crazy with colors to look stylish and fashionable. According to David, the simpler the better.

Complete the look with accessories

David Beckham appreciates simplicity not only in his outfits but also in his accessories. His favourites are sunglasses, especially the so-called pilot’s sunglasses, and watches, which he always chooses perfectly according to the occasion and outfit. He has even become the ambassador of the luxury brand Tudor.

Check out some of our favorite looks of the footballer


Main photo: Cliff Hawkins/ Getty Images Sports/ Getty Images

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