What are the types of mustaches and what is the secret to looking great?

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A mustache is a very distinctive and stylish part of a man’s facial hair. Not sure whether it suits you or not? You’ll find out once you grow one. And you have quite a few options to choose from. Not every moustache has to look the same! Check out these cool new moustache styles and see if they’re right for you.

Still thinking about growing a moustache? Or maybe you’re already the lucky one with one and you’re thinking about what shape to give it While beards have to be matched to the shape of your face, moustaches are a more versatile accessory in the sense that they don’t change the shape of your face much

When it comes to the moustache, it’s all about the man’s style and the way he is. If you decide to grow a moustache, you’ll need to consider whether or not this type of beard will complement your image and benefit your personality. A moustache can be your signature look

What are the different types of moustaches?

We distinguish between a moustache that is trimmed above the upper lip, or what is known as a classic moustache. This has become the epitome of style because it’s simple, neat, and looks very attractive. And when you get bored with your current beard, you can try out the thin moustache style. This is a very fine line of stubble that accentuates your upper lip perfectly. The ‘Zorro’ moustache starts close to the nose and two thin crescents run in either direction around the corners of the mouth. A thin Zorro moustache can be combined with a goatee.

One popular type of moustache is the horseshoe-shaped moustache. This type of beard is similar to the classic moustache but also includes two long strips of moustache pointing downwards, usually reaching all the way to the chin and therefore resembling a horseshoe shape.

Men who are fascinated by the classics of American westerns opt for beards a la the gunfighter. What are the characteristics of this style for moustachioed men? The moustache extends downward evenly into the sideburns and also resembles a horseshoe. This style is similar to classic sideburns but slightly more modern.

Some men opt for the nobleman type of beard. What does this look like? There is the traditional moustache and a strip of stubble on the chin. We also distinguish between a pointed beard, which reaches all the way to the jaw line, and a moustache, in which case we talk about the so-called anchor type of beard.

How do I take care of a moustache so that it always looks great?

The most important thing is to let the moustache grow freely. Why? Because the longer the beard is, the better. Of course, the growth needs to be controlled. When it’s time to trim the moustache, it should be trimmed very carefully with scissors. Remember that the upper limit of the lip line should also serve as the limit of the moustache, so any hair that grows beyond it should be cut.

Regular trimming of the mustache, at least once a month, also plays a very important grooming role. To keep your beard looking neat and tidy, be sure to periodically remove any old growth so that the new hairs can grow freely.

If you want to take care of styling your moustache, you can use a special styling wax. How do I apply this product? You should warm a small amount of wax in your hands, rubbing it in your fingers, and then apply it to your mustache. With this product, you can give them the shape that suits you best. In addition, moustache wax deeply moisturizes it, protects it from external factors and nourishes it, so it is definitely worth getting this cosmetic. How much does this product cost? It costs around 30/50 PLN. It is available in drugstores and barber stores.

To keep your moustache looking fresh, it needs to be clean! So wash them before going to bed because a lot of dirt accumulates on them during the day. Also, wash your face often with cool water. And don’t forget that moustache hygiene is just as important as caring for any other part of your body. By following these simple tips, you will always have a beautiful mustache to add to your beauty!


Main Photo: Christian Vierig/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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