The most fashionable models of men’s shoes for winter

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Colder and colder temperatures, frequent rain with snow, and slippery sidewalks. Unfortunately these are conditions which must be dealt with by well-chosen winter men’s shoes! What material and cut to bet on? Leather? Suede? What should a good pair of winter boots be like?

Choosing shoes for the winter, contrary to appearances, is not so simple. Why? Because when choosing we must take into account several additional factors. In addition to the fact that the footwear should look good, it must first of all provide adequate thermal comfort to the feet. So what men’s shoes to choose for winter? We suggest which models of shoes combine fashion with functionality!

The most fashionable models

Choosing the right shoes for winter depends mainly on a man’s taste and his lifestyle. Men, who spend their everyday time in the office and have a specific dress code at work, should bet on shoes of classic cut and subdued colors. Whereas men, who lead an active lifestyle, can bet on comfortable and practical sports or so-called trekking shoes.

Lace-up shoes with a high upper are a good solution for the winter season. They are very warm and increase safety, thanks to stiffening and ankle protection. They are very versatile and match many outfits. They will look good tucked under pants or partially laced and lined on the leg.

Slippers are a timeless and universal choice among men’s winter footwear. They are elegant and of course perfectly match formal stylizations such as suits. Daggers are available in many colors. This is footwear which, similarly to oxfords or moccasins, is inspired by retro style. Due to its simple cut, this type of footwear is characterized by an upper reaching behind the ankle and rubber inserts on the side. Slippers are very universal shoes and you can easily wear them with both elegant pants and classic jeans. Fashion designers love slippers, but we can also find them in many well-known chain stores, e.g. in Mango.

Leather sports shoes are also perfect for winter – they are certainly the most comfortable solution for everyday casual styling. Sporty models go well with most clothes and they are also very warm. Trekking shoes, on the other hand, will be the best protection against the cold and will prevent you from slipping. Thanks to thick and solid soles, trekking shoes are perfect for icy surfaces. This type of footwear can be found, among others, on Zalando.

Military boots are currently a hit. The military look was once associated with kitsch, but now it has risen to the top of fashion trends. The moro pattern, which is most characteristic for this style, is back in favour and became extremely fashionable in winter. It owes its popularity to, among other things, promoting military boots at the biggest fashion shows. This type of shoes can be found in the offer of most fashion houses: Bottega Veneta, Michael Kors or Versace. This is the kind of footwear which will prove itself in harsh winter conditions. If they are well matched with other parts of your outfit, they will be suitable both for a business meeting and a casual outing with friends

Good quality and style – trendy and comfortable men’s shoes for winter

Men’s winter footwear should be carefully crafted and insulated to ensure comfort all season long.

What should you pay attention to when buying winter shoes? Mainly on the soles, because they prevent slipping. They should be solid and profiled. When it comes to shoes with laces, you need to look at the system of tying them. What should it be like? Of course, it should be strong enough to adequately stiffen the ankle and at the same time protect it from injuries. Usually, the practicality of winter shoes does not necessarily go hand in hand with an elegant look, but it is possible to reconcile the two. In winter, keeping the shoes clean can be quite a problem, because at this time of year they are exposed to demanding weather conditions. Excessive moisture, salt and sand have a negative impact on the condition of our shoes. So it is worth betting on leather shoes.

Leather shoes – classics popular for years

Leather shoes are timeless, elegant and above all very durable. If we take care of them properly, they will surely serve us for many seasons. High quality materials always look great and, most importantly, are easy and low-maintenance. Men’s winter shoes are made of different types of leather, and in the demanding winter season grain leather works best. Shoes made of this material are a very practical choice. Cleaning them is quick and requires no expertise, as you just need to wipe them with a damp cloth and oil them regularly. Leather shoes are available in the market in many color options, so they will be the perfect complement to fashionable men’s outfits.


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