Comfortable shoes for work – which models are worth betting on this season?

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It is said that shoes are the business card of every man. There is a bit of truth in that: they are a complement to each styling, also to work. Shoes to the office should be not only comfortable, but also elegant. So which model is worth deciding on?

What should be kept in mind when choosing comfortable shoes for work?

Before we go to the store to buy our perfect shoes for work, we need to familiarize ourselves with the dress code rules in our office. Some places require us to wear a suit, while others only require us to look neat.

Let’s not forget that we will be spending most of the day at work. So the comfort of our feet is very important. Shoes must be comfortable and provide ventilation to the foot. Therefore, the materials from which the shoes are made are crucial.

Sports shoes

There is no doubt that sports shoes are the most comfortable shoes that exist on the market. Therefore, as long as the dress code allows it, they will be the best choice when it comes to shoes for work. They go well with both casual and smart casual styles.

Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes are one of the more popular models of men’s shoes. They are characterized by closed heels and lack of any ornamentation. Although they are usually worn to elegant stylizations, they look equally good with more casual ones.


Derby is – just like oxfords – a very elegant model of shoes. However, they are distinguished by open heels, which makes them less formal. Therefore they are perfect for casual stylizations, but they will look equally good with a suit.


If we are looking for a really elegant model of shoes, it is worth betting on aviators. They are perfect for an elegant suit worn to a formal meeting. Aviators are made of one piece of leather sewn together with one stitch on the heel. Such elegant shoes can also be worn to a lavish gala or ball.


Monki are a model of shoes which are definitely worth having in your closet. You can wear them on almost every occasion: both to work and for casual outings. In Monki, instead of classic laces, we will find buckles which add to shoes their formal character. If we do not care about a very formal look, we can choose shoes in colors other than black, such as olive or beige.


As soon as it gets warmer outside, loafers are a great choice. You don’t have to wear socks with them, but you can try putting on short socks that won’t stick out of the shoe. Loafers have a small heel and their sole and upper are made of two materials. They look good with casual outfits for work and informal meetings with friends.


Men often choose moccasins when choosing shoes for the office. No wonder. This is a very elegant and timeless model of footwear. They are similar to loafers, but they have no heels. They are perfect for both formal and casual stylizations.

Slipper shoes

Slippers are another classic model of men’s shoes. They have a slightly longer upper, so they are perfect for the autumn-winter season. Wear jeans and chinos. They will be suitable both for work and for casual meetings with friends, but you should not wear them on very formal occasions.

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