Protein in the diet of an athlete. Do you know everything about it?

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If you play sports – whether you do it professionally or just as a hobby – you are surely aware of how necessary it is to take in the right amount of protein for proper functioning. However, are you sure you have all the necessary information and are not repeating myths?

Protein – the basic building block of your body

A diet without protein is a diet doomed to failure. There is no doubt that every body, regardless of lifestyle and sports, needs all basic nutrients. Equally important as protein are carbohydrates, fats, not to mention vitamins and proper hydration of the body. All these aspects are insanely important in a balanced diet. What should you know about protein? First of all, the fact that if the goal of your workouts is to build muscle mass, you can’t do without the right amount of protein. However, every athlete, not only strength, but also speed or endurance athlete, must be aware that it is thanks to protein that their muscles regenerate after a series of gruelling exercises. Simply put, protein is a lifesaver for tired muscles. It is important to take it not only after training. A diet high in protein reduces the risk of injury and illness, so training can be carried out without any unwanted side effects. Even athletes sometimes forget how important this component of the diet is.

One protein, many possibilities

Where do you actually find this essential component of your daily diet? Without a doubt, a great example is dairy, for example, country cheese with your favorite vegetables as a breakfast addition. Also, eggs are a great addition to your diet for protein (and healthy fats, which is also extremely important!). When it comes to meat, opt for poultry, and if you don’t eat meat or animal products, opt for legumes

Protein supplements – yes or no?

There is a lot of talk about taking extra protein in the form of specialised supplements. High-protein drinks are a great way to get adequate levels of protein into your body quickly. Protein supplements are a great idea, especially if you train hard – thanks to them you will be able to afford more, without worrying about the possible unpleasant consequences of a diet too low in protein. It’s also worth mentioning that protein shakes are available in different flavours, so you can easily find one that suits your taste. This way you will not have to consume the same bland substances every day. If you want to build muscle it will be much harder to achieve your desired results without good protein supplements.


Protein supplements primarily contain three ingredients. Whey protein concentrate, taurine and creatine. Creatine is one of the most important components of muscle mass and the strongest legal anabolic. Muscle contractions cause chemical transformations that occur thanks to creatine, among other things, so its use makes it easier to build up your muscle mass. Taurine regulates a huge number of processes in our body – it protects against the development of diabetes, lowers blood pressure and improves fat metabolism. Protein concentrate makes the nutrient one of the best sources of protein for physically active people. Whey protein can be quickly metabolised and absorbed, and thanks to its high leucine content it has a powerful stimulating effect on muscle protein synthesis.

When to take it?

Protein shakes are a great post-workout snack. When your whole body is exhausted and in need of a quick energy boost you may be tempted to reach for something unhealthy. This is the first step towards wasting all the effort you put into intensive exercise. It’s a good idea to carry a protein supplement with you to give you what you need after your workout in a healthy way. Protein shakes are a great way to help tired muscles recover faster thanks to the substances it contains.


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