How to take care of a tattoo?

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Tattoo care is very important, and unfortunately most people only take care of their tattoo right after it’s done – a big mistake. We can help our skin and make the drawing on it clear for years, and not faded over the course of them. How to take care of a tattoo properly?

There is no denying that to the very first days after getting a tattoo are the most important, because during them our skin requires increased care. After all, ink is a foreign substance that has been applied between its layers. Therefore, we need to give our skin time and proper conditions to get used to the “intruder” and make friends with it permanently.

How to take care of a new, fresh tattoo?

Immediately after the tattoo is applied the tattoo artist wraps our skin with foil which of course is to protect it from bacteria and potential development of infection. After about 2-3 hours we should take it off so that the tattoo has an access to fresh air and the place where it was applied heals faster.

Then we have to wash the tattoo with cool water and gray soap or intimate hygiene liquid and then gently dry it with a paper towel. We do not use an ordinary towel because it can contribute to the development of infection. After drying, apply a thin layer of cream or ointment to the tattoo, wrap it in foil and leave it for a few hours. The treatment should be repeated several times a day. After a minimum of 3 days we can resign from using the foil. However, you should still regularly lubricate the tattoo with an appropriate cream for tattoo care.

We should also take care of the tattoo at night

Also during sleep it is good to provide adequate care for our new “punch”. Clean bedding is essential because it will limit skin contact with bacteria to a minimum. If the tattoo is on the hands, wrists or legs, it is worth taking care of such sleeping position that the tattooed limb is on a slight elevation, such as a pillow. This will prevent swelling.

Are you afraid that your tattoo will fade? Think about the ink color beforehand

Light ink colors fade much faster than dark ones. However, other factors can affect tattoo fading, including where on the body the tattoo was tattooed. Tattoos that are exposed to constant rubbing, such as on the wrists, feet, between the thighs, or on the inside of the fingers, may fade faster. A tattoo should always be applied at a reputable and proven studio that uses high quality products.

Tattooed skin requires special care

The skin is an excellent protection against external factors. Essential to understanding the longevity of a tattoo – lest we be disappointed years later when it starts to look like it’s melting away under the skin – is understanding the immunological processes. Gaining this knowledge will protect us from unnecessary spending money on empty promises of cosmetic manufacturers.

Ink particles travel through the body – this is due to the natural processes of the skin – and slowly “run away” from where they were deposited during tattooing. The dilemma, however, is that it is impossible to fully estimate how they will move through the skin. Scientists have even proven that ink particles can be found in lymph nodes, among other places. When the tattoo was done on the hand, it is likely that the lymph nodes of the limb will be a bit colored. Of course, the process of the ink traveling through the body is a long one and we will not notice it overnight. We will notice the changes sometimes after many years. That’s why a tattoo looks a little worse over time – that’s just how our bodies work.

Do not forget that for the first weeks after getting a tattoo you should not expose it to the sun because prolonged contact with UV rays can cause the tattoo to become lighter. Tattoo care must be kept in mind all the time and not only during the healing stage. Regularly lubricating it with body lotions with UV filters is enough.


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