5 facts about beards that every self-respecting bearded man should know

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Since the dawn of time, the beard has accompanied man. It was worn by cavemen, also by the ancients. And how is beard seen today? It depends on individual preferences. However, there are facts that still not many people know about. Discover 5 facts about beards that every self-respecting bearded man should know!

Men’s facial hair is extremely fascinating, as all bearded men are well aware. And there probably aren’t many facts about beards that most of them don’t know. So let’s find out the most interesting information about beard!

Beard Fashion. Does it grow faster on blondes or brunettes?

Beards definitely grow faster in blondes than in brunettes, with an average growth of 140 mm per year. The beard consists of 7,000-15,000 hairs and is an ornament for many men

Did you know that bearded men find it easier to survive the bitter cold in winter? Beard growth is uneven throughout the year, but more intense in the fall and early winter, which is exactly the time when furry animals increase their hair for the coming cold weather.

When did men start shaving?

Men began shaving about 20,000 years ago. What did they use to do it? Well, there were no electric razors, so they had to make do the best they could. They used whatever was at hand, such as scrapers, stone knives, and empty clam shells

It was Egyptian military men who pioneered the use of shaving devices. From generation to generation, stories were told of how they took care of the shine on their beards in between battles or exercises. They used swords, axes, or knives to shave. And so shaving became a tradition and was permanently written into the statutes of armies. The Greeks, and later the Romans, adopted Egyptian shaving methods and used bronze scrapers for this activity.

The beard is a symbol of masculinity

In ancient times, the beard was a symbol of masculinity, maturity, wisdom and, of course, was associated with power. Beards were all important monarchs, prophets, kings and patriarchs. In ancient Assyria, beard was also a symbol of beauty, because the great rulers adorned their faces with long beards, in addition to curling them horizontally.

Over the years, the male beard has strengthened its position in the social consciousness. It began to be regarded as a symbol of untamed, primal male power and found its way onto canvases. In art, the placement of a man with a beard in a work of art usually symbolizes a stable father, the head of the family. Women of old believed that a man should be just a little more handsome than the devil and should necessarily have facial hair.

Beard is a sign of seriousness and charisma

Male facial hair has become a sign of seriousness and charisma in many cultures, both ancient and modern. Beards, according to religious precepts, are worn by clergymen of the Orthodox Church and other Eastern churches, such as the Amish and Jews. Many people believe that having a beard bodes well when wearing it is associated with religious functions.

The motif of a beard is also found in many dreams, according to which if a young man dreams that he will have a beard, it is a sign that he will soon find happiness in love. And when the dreamer is in old age, such a dream can herald his long and prosperous life

Beard has a positive influence on its owner

The beard filters the air from pollutants and toxins, and scratching it improves concentration and facilitates the thinking process. Interestingly, beards are said to be a natural bear repellent – so bearded men need not fear an encounter with predatory bears during forest expeditions.

The beard is also said to enhance the ability to chop wood – have you noticed that all woodcutters have it? It is also interesting to note that the beard adjusts itself to fit the face. According to many men, having a beard greatly enhances their masculinity and self-confidence.


Main Photo: Claudio Lavenia/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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