Three rules for healthy grilling

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May Day – just hear that word and one thing pops up in the minds of Poles. Barbecue. Maybe you associate it with family traditions, or maybe with outings with friends. Spring and summer weekends are definitely conducive to pull out the grill and enjoy the unique taste of food, which can not be imitated in any other way. So it doesn’t matter whether you have an allotment, a garden or a terrace – here are some rules on how to cultivate the Polish tradition in a healthy and safe way.

First of all, what to grill on

Remember those times when firing up the grill involved smelly smoke and perpetually missing coal, and the process itself required family intervention? Well, that’s a thing of the past. Although coal grills are still in use, but definitely healthier are the increasingly popular gas grills and electric grills. Gas grills have their advantage over charcoal grills primarily in the ease with which the deposition of fat is limited, and the heat is distributed evenly. This ensures that the food is juicy and perfectly cooked at the same time

Electric grills, on the other hand, mainly benefit from their compactness. You can set them up anywhere – they require much less space, which makes it easy to fit them on a terrace or a not-so-large plot of land. It’s also easier to control what’s happening on the grill. But remember that an electric grill needs… access to electricity.

Secondly, what to grill

Grilling season is a time when great deals on meat appear in stores. Already prepared pork neck in a marinade, sausages perfect for a barbecue or whole sets of various meats – such offers lurk at us from every possible angle. In the rush of everyday life, it is easy to be tempted and decide for what is already seasoned and cut offered by supermarkets. The basis of a healthy diet, not only barbecuing, is the right choice of ingredients. When deciding what meat to choose, steer clear of particularly fatty cuts. Pork doesn’t have to be dripping with fat, but if you haven’t been able to find lean meat, remove as much of the fatty bits as possible before grilling

If you’re a fan of healthy eating, you’ll love grilled chicken or turkey. Fish or seafood are also a great idea – not only are they original, but they’re also particularly healthy because they release less toxic compounds during grilling due to the shorter cooking time. Don’t forget to grill vegetables, too. Zucchini or corn are the queens of summer. They will work great as an accompaniment to any type of meat. Have you ever heard of grilling avocado or mango? Try it next time and enjoy the unique flavors

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Third, how to grill

Let’s start with the basics. You should know that when we cook meat at high temperatures, carcinogenic compounds are produced. This does not mean that we should deny ourselves all the pleasure. You already know what to buy and what to grill on, now you need to find out – how to prepare meat to make it healthier

The answer is very simple. Marinades! Not only will they give your dishes a deeper flavor. According to research, a protective coating appears on marinated meat or fish, which eliminates the production of the above-mentioned harmful compounds by up to 90%, especially when marinating with wine. What no one needs to be reminded of is reducing the amount of salt in meals. Using herbs makes that less salt will not affect the taste of the food! Moreover, remember that the shorter we fry the meat, the healthier it will be for us


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