Do you like burgers? We suggest how to make them yourself in a healthy way

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Healthy fast food substitutes are a great idea for a tasty dish with few calories. You don’t have to give up burgers or pizza. A properly cooked dish will be wholesome and good for your diet. Read how to make it!

If you are a person who controls the number of calories consumed, you try to exercise regularly and supplement protein, surely more than once you had to give up a tasty kebab for a healthy snack. This is not an easy decision, especially when it comes to our favorite flavors!

How to prepare healthy burgers?

First of all, you need to look for healthy substitutes. Start by grilling or roasting the meat. This way you don’t use oil and eat unnecessary fats. In addition, properly selected spices will spread the smell of roasted meat throughout the apartment.

Each burger contains a bun, which is a veritable bomb of carbohydrates. It is not recommended to eat bread on a diet, because it is not able to provide a feeling of satiety and is high in calories. It is worth replacing the roll with lighter bread or pita style pancakes.

When choosing a sauce, it is worth giving up mayonnaise-based recipes. Although they are very tasty, they have many calories. Try to prepare a sauce from natural or Greek yogurt. Properly seasoned, with the addition of garlic and lemon will be as good as the one with mayonnaise. If you are in the habit of adding ketchup, check carefully the composition of the article you are going to use. Store ketchups are often filled with flavor enhancers and chemicals that have nothing to do with real tomatoes.

Healthy toppings

A burger will be much healthier if you fill it with vegetables. Besides tomatoes and lettuce, add large amounts of beets, mushrooms, zucchini, cucumbers or eggplant. Watch out for avocado – despite its great taste it is a high-calorie vegetable. Make sure that these are products from a known source, preferably bought at the market or from your home garden.

If you are a fan of meat burgers, consider using ground lamb, poultry or turkey. Light meat is high in protein and contains relatively less fat compared to red meat.

Combine ground chicken breast meat with spices such as fresh basil, garlic or chili peppers. Give it the desired shape, season with salt and pepper and leave it on the grill to prepare. We recommend eating it with grilled halloumi cheese and grilled eggplant.

Alternative chops

Another suggestion is to make a fish cutlet. It is an ideal source of fatty acids, omega acids and vitamin B12. Choose those fish that do not contain many bones, such as salmon or cod. Prepare the meat the same way you would turkey or chicken, grind it in a food processor and add your favorite seasonings.

A low-calorie substitute and a favorite of vegetarians are burgers made with beans, beets, chickpeas, grits or quinoa. Even if you are a carnivore it is worth trying this solution, because it is much healthier and equally tasty!

Always choose meat and fish from reliable sources and do not give up a lot of spices. They will give the dish an amazing aroma and cause a beautiful smell that will spread throughout the house.

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