Can you protect yourself from baldness?

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Hair loss is a normal stage in its further development. Up to 100 hairs may fall out every day without any fear. However, if hair has started to fall out in handfuls and the loss is accompanied by a change of color or itching of the scalp, this may unfortunately be a sign for a serious condition. Can you protect yourself from baldness?

If you have noticed even the slightest loss of hair, do not panic right away. Also, do not listen to silly arguments of others that sooner or later every guy has to go bald and a woman who loses her hair fast is ill. The best thing you can do is make an appointment to see a specialist. If you are actually starting to go bald, the doctor will diagnose the cause of it and help you find an effective solution.

What are the causes of hair loss?

There are really quite a few causes of hair loss, but the most important thing is to locate the source of the problem, because only this will allow us to take the appropriate treatment. We very rarely make a connection between the condition of our hair and our health

Most problems associated with hair loss have their source in mental state and lifestyle. Especially stress has a negative impact on hair condition. Family problems or an excess of duties cause hormonal disturbances, which in turn lead to hair loss. Poor eating habits are also not beneficial for the condition of the hair

Poor diet is not an ally of hair

Poor diet has a negative effect on the condition of our hair. Starvation and products with low vitamin and protein content are definitely not conducive to hair condition. The problem of hair loss may also be aggravated in people with iron deficiency, especially in the case of anemics

Say a firm NO to stimulants: NO!

Use of stimulants of any kind is also bad for your hair. Did you know that tobacco destroys the hair follicles and contributes to the destruction of blood vessels connected to the very root of the hair? So if you don’t shy away from cigarettes and you have noticed that you are losing your hair, you should seriously consider quitting!

Strenuous Styling

Styling your hair too regularly and too hard also has an effect on hair quality. Appliances such as blow dryers or hard combs and brushes, as well as tightly squeezing elastic bands are not friends of our hair either. All these things contribute to the deterioration of hair and eventually lead to hair fall.

Imbalanced Hormones

Hormones also have a significant impact on the condition of hair. According to specialists, androgenic alopecia, i.e. the hormonal type, is one of the most common causes of hair loss. Who is affected? The same applies to women as to men, but in each sex the course is slightly different. In women androgenetic alopecia manifests itself by thinning of the hair from the top of the head and descending to the bottom. In men it is the other way around, because it starts from the temples until the complete baldness reaches the top of the head.

Remedies for Hair Loss

Is it possible to prevent hair loss? Depending on the diagnosis, various methods are recommended to combat this unpleasant condition. It is best to give up bad habits such as smoking, limiting the use of strong hair cosmetics and hair styling products, giving up the use of hair dryers and avoiding stressful situations as much as possible. You can start using specialized products for external use, which you can get at the pharmacy. It certainly does not hurt to support the hair with treatments using conditioners, shampoos or wipes dedicated specifically to men affected by hair loss. To ensure that the hair does not fall out excessively, it is also worthwhile to eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and appropriate supplementation with natural minerals.


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