How to properly cleanse your face and why you need to do it every day?

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Proper facial cleansing is the secret to a beautiful and youthful-looking complexion. Without it, using even the best creams and specifics does not make the slightest sense. How to properly perform this stage of care? What to pay special attention to? What should not be forgotten? We dispel all doubts!

Why is facial cleansing so important?

Cleansing is a key stage in facial care. Without it, the skin does not look good, pimples, blackheads and inflammation appear on it, which are difficult to deal with. Lack of proper cleansing results in faster aging of the complexion. Dirt deposited on the face contains free radicals, which damage the cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. The skin then loses firmness and wrinkles appear.

Failure to clean the face or doing it poorly results in poorer uptake of the nutrients contained in cosmetics. So you may get the impression that the creams, oils, serums and masks you apply are not working for your skin. Uncleansed skin loses its radiance and natural color – it becomes earthy, irritation and redness appear on it.

Facial cleansing methods

There are many ways to cleanse your face. So you are sure to find one that suits your preferences and that your skin likes with.

Two-step cleansing

Two-step cleansing, involves (as the name suggests) washing the face in two steps. You start by cleansing your skin with an oil-based cosmetic, such as a special oil-based cleanser. Then we wash the face with a water-based product – a gel, foam or emulsion. Two-step cleansing is a guarantee of a deeply cleansed complexion, without any dirt.

Cleansing with a facial cleansing glove

More and more gadgets are appearing on the market to improve the facial cleansing activity. One of them is the cleansing glove. For this method you only need the aforementioned glove and water. Wipe your face with the moistened glove – this way you will get rid of all impurities and, on the occasion, make a scrub. 

Washing your face with clay

Another way to deep clean your face is to wash with white clay. This ingredient has cleansing and inflammation-soothing properties. Just mix it with water and wash your face with such a mixture. The effect of a fresh, rested complexion is guaranteed!

What to pay attention to when cleansing the face?

In order to properly cleanse your face, you need to keep in mind a few tips.

First of all, wash your hands before cleansing your face. This step seems obvious, but sometimes we skip it out of momentum. In this way, we can inadvertently transfer the bacteria on our hands directly to our face.

Use a separate towel to dry your face after washing. Remember to wash it as often as possible, as a lot of bacteria and dirt accumulate between the fibers of the fabric. Wipe your face in a gentle manner – apply the towel to your face instead of rubbing vigorously.

After washing your face, wash it with toner. This will ensure that the complexion is restored to the correct pH. Pay attention to whether the product does not contain drying alcohol in its composition.

Choose cosmetics that are gentle on the skin. Watch carefully which detergents serve your complexion and which work against it.

Remember to cleanse your face regularly – morning and evening. The routine will make your complexion reborn and get rid of all impurities and skin problems.

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