On TV or projector – which is better to watch movies on?

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Movies are one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Many years have passed since the creation of the cinema, but more and more interesting scenarios and development of technology makes films delight us no less than the first viewers who were fascinated by black and white, silent moving pictures. In times when cinemas are closed, we can enjoy the development of streaming services. However, it is worth asking ourselves a question – what will bring us closer to the cinema experience? TV set or projector?

Sixty inches in the living room

Not so long ago a TV set was associated with watching… That is, television. At some point, young people began to move away from buying TVs in favor of other electronics. The TV took up space and any movies were watched on computer screens – this may have had to do with how little interesting content young people had available on TV channels. With the rise in popularity of streaming services like HBO Go and Netflix, the television has become a valuable piece of equipment again. Manufacturers are outdoing themselves with ideas to make the experience of watching a movie in your own living room, cinema-like. The latest models offer 4K resolution, which will allow you to see even the smallest details, including in dark scenes that until now seemed to be your nightmare. Hardly any TV these days doesn’t come with Smart TV or Android, but make sure either or both are available before you buy. This will ensure you have access to all streaming, YouTube, Spotify and many other apps. Pay attention to rounded screens. This is another one of the ways to make it feel like a movie theater. When buying a TV, also check what they write about sound quality. More and more manufacturers are mentioning cinema quality – the spatial distribution of sound provides a realistic feeling that gives the impression as if the sound surrounds you from all sides. Just like in the cinema!

Additional TV perks

If you’re worried that there’s not enough space for a TV in your living room and you’re not satisfied with a small model when you can have the best – pay attention to TV mounts. Thanks to them you can hang your TV on the wall or on an extension arm from the ceiling, depending on your needs. Thanks to them you can also place the TV at an angle and height that suits you and is conducive to the best reception of films and TV series. It is also worth mentioning that TV sets have long ceased to be used only for watching series or news. Xbox or Playstation is a friend of your TV. The better the sound and picture quality, the more enjoyable the experience of playing your beloved games will be.

Projector – a cinema-like experience!

Do you have a free white or gray wall? Your favorite movie at hand? Run to the kitchen to prepare popcorn and. Turn on the projector. Increasingly popular have just become projectors. Undoubtedly, watching a movie on a surface larger than sixty inches is an amazing experience. What should we remember before we get ready for a screening with a projector? First of all – the room must not be bright. In this case, even the best quality projector will be of no use. You should decide to watch a film in the evening, and if it is still bright outside – cover all the windows. When choosing a projector, pay attention to the fact that it has a full HD resolution. Another important issue is sound. It is worth getting a portable speaker of a good company, thanks to which we will obtain high quality sound. Watching movies on a projector is definitely a one of a kind experience and is gaining more and more fans.


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