4 books on men’s fashion worth having in your bookcase

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The section of books on men’s fashion is gradually expanding with new items every year. This type of books are more and more willingly read by men who want to take care of their impeccable and stylish outfit

Fashion is no longer a typically feminine subject, and the number of men who want to dress e.g. in accordance with the principles of classical elegance, identifying themselves with contemporary gentlemen, is growing. This is why it is worth expanding your knowledge by reading great books on men’s fashion and the way they dress

Both the history of men’s fashion and understanding trends are wildly interesting topics. In the era of blogging and social media development, we have the opportunity to meet a lot of enthusiasts, who know the topics of men’s way of dressing from the inside out and know how to talk about them in an incredibly accessible way.

It is a large number of bloggers who decide to publish their books, which are often supposed to be a guide for men who want to look better and are interested in fashion issues. The great thing is that there is no one key to successful men’s styling, so everyone can find an individual idea for their style

It is worth reaching for paper or electronic editions of books that can help you understand what type of styling suits you best. This is a great way to start your adventure with men’s fashion

Within the pages of a book, you can often find simple tips on what to buy to make your closet timeless yet very stylish. At each stage of development in this matter, it is worth deepening your knowledge, reaching for more titles, which can fantastically complement our point of view. Check out the most recommended books on men’s fashion.

4 books that will help you understand men’s fashion

  1. The Dandycore Team – “Men’s Wardrobe. Operating Manual”

First, an item that will be great for people who are just starting to get acquainted with the topic of men’s fashion. “Men’s closet. Operating Manual” is an accessible and beautifully published guide that touches on many basic, but also important issues

It suggests how to improve your style in a proven way, and above all, how to organize your closet. With this book you will create your capsule closet, which will make you well-dressed regardless of the circumstances

  1. Michał Kędziora – “Rzeczowo o modzie męskiej”

The next book is also the work of well-known blogger Michal Kędziora, whom some of you may know from the Mr Vintage blog. This position, despite the fact that it was published a few years ago, is still up to date and has a very fresh perspective on men’s fashion.

Michał perfectly introduces us to the world of classic elegance, but he proposes not only double-breasted suits. This is a great guide for people who like simple tips with a large dose of knowledge and fashion trivia

  1. Cally Blackman – “100 years of men’s fashion”

This time something for fans of Instagram and looking for inspiration in beautiful and unique photographs. “100 Years of Men’s Fashion” is a unique album that documents how dynamically fashion has changed throughout the 20th century. In addition to the photographs, the book also includes texts by Cally Blackman, who is a well-known and respected scholar of fashion and clothing.

  1. Krzysztof Łoszewski – “Dress Code. Secrets of male elegance”

Krzysztof Łoszewski’s book is a style primer that brilliantly guides us through the puzzles and nooks and crannies of issues related to dress code. In men’s fashion many topics arouse controversy or are misinterpreted by men. This post will make sure that all doubts are dispelled once and for all


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