Can snoring be dangerous? Learn about its causes and treatment

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Snoring is quite a bothersome and sometimes even dangerous ailment. It should not be underestimated. So what can be done to cure it?

Although snoring is an ailment which affects men more often than women, it happens to a considerable number of people and unfortunately, it increases with age. Can snoring be dangerous, what are its causes and how to treat it?

What is snoring?

When the muscles of the throat, uvula, and palate relax, we produce a sound commonly called snoring. Why does this happen? Because it leads to a narrowing of the isthmus of the throat, through which the inhaled air passes, causing vibrations which are transformed into sounds, i.e. the characteristic snoring sounds

During sleep, our muscles are relaxed. The palate then descends, touching the base of the tongue and the back wall of the throat. This in turn results in air escaping through a small gap and a characteristic sound called snoring. The position in which we sleep is also crucial. In particular, sleeping on your back makes breathing more difficult because it promotes the collapse of the palate and tongue. Snoring can also be caused by a crooked nasal septum, an oversized uvula, or even a tendency to allergy.

Interestingly, the tendency to snore is rarely in young people, statistically it increases with age. It is also worth knowing that snoring may occur occasionally, e.g. when we have a cold and our nose is blocked, or after a heavy physical effort or alcohol consumption. However, if the problem persists, it is necessary to take action.

What are the causes of snoring?

Being overweight is the most common cause of snoring. Statistically, it is men who have trouble maintaining a normal body weight, who are overweight or obese, usually after the age of 40, who struggle with snoring. It can also be caused by high blood pressure and smoking. In women, on the other hand, the tendency to snore increases significantly during menopause.

The most common causes of snoring include a crooked nasal septum, congenital malformations of the upper respiratory tract, and various allergies such as asthma and tonsillar hypertrophy. Compulsive smoking, overweight and obesity, and even sleeping on your back can also cause snoring, as can the use of certain medications, especially antidepressants. Sometimes we also snore because of respiratory infections, i.e. colds, allergic rhinitis or sinusitis. Fortunately, once these ailments are cured, snoring subsides. Pregnant women also struggle with snoring. It is associated with weight gain, which can have a significant impact on the diaphragm and nasal passages. You should always inform your doctor about this condition

What are the treatment options for snoring?

Many people underestimate snoring. You can try to remedy the problem, however, you are unlikely to be able to deal with it on your own. It is certainly worth giving up all stimulants, introducing a healthy diet, losing excess weight. If it is not the result of a cold, a temporarily blocked nose, or fatigue, for example, you should visit a specialist who, after a thorough interview with the patient, will diagnose its cause

Relief and help in combating snoring is provided by radiosurgery. This is a modern surgical method, which allows you to achieve proper nasal patency and shape the soft tissues in the throat area, so that they do not vibrate during breathing. Small incisions after the procedure heal quite quickly, and the surgical intervention itself is carried out under local anesthesia, so completely painless.

Untreated snoring can contribute to obstructive sleep apnea, which manifests itself as a loss of ability to breathe for up to several tens of seconds. As a result, the body may suffer from hypoxia, which may lead to bad mood, severe migraines or even visual disturbances. Therefore, snoring is not worth underestimating!


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