3 pairs of shoes that every guy will need to create a stylish casual look

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Do you know this problem? You want to wear a cool casual outfit, you already have all your clothes on, matching elegantly, but in your shoe closet you find that you have to choose between suit shoes or slightly scuffed sneakers that you’ve been wearing for two years. The wrong shoes can ruin even the most versatile look. See what 3 pairs of shoes every man should have in his closet to easily create casual outfits.

Sporty half-shoes

This type of shoes is an absolute must have for every man. Sports shoes are usually associated with not very elegant shoes for the gym or tennis court. It does not always have to be so. Nowadays, many sports shoe brands produce sneakers that have nothing in common with court shoes. Such shoes will soften a slightly elegant outfit so that it becomes more casual. They will also go perfectly with a completely laid-back look, for example with a sweatshirt and ripped jeans

Sporty half-shoes are not only versatile, but also incredibly comfortable. They combine the look of casual shoes, only slightly tweaked with the logo of a sports brand, with the comfort of typical athletic shoes. It is worth investing in a good and proven brand for full comfort Adidas men’s sneakers they are beating the records of popularity, thanks to the great opinions of customers about the brand. Adidas shoes have been on everyone’s feet at least once in their lives. Known to all and proven “sneakers” can be considered a cult. Now you don’t have to limit yourself to choosing sneakers only for the gym or turf. Pharrell Williams very often chooses adidas sneakers for his everyday outfits.

Classic half-shoes

Athletic shoes, while versatile, won’t work well with business casual styling, for example. The logo of a sporty company may strongly interfere with an office outfit, especially if the company has a strict dress code. In such situations it is best to reach for classic shoes, which will perfectly match the chosen look

For more formal business casual outfits, for example to the office or to a meeting, it is better to bet on subdued, neutral colors and materials. Suede or eco leather shoes are a must-have in every man’s closet. You should choose their color according to your clothes. If you wear grey or navy blue pants more often, brown shoes will go well with those colors. However, if black reigns in your closet, choose black shoes as well. For a more private outfit, for a date or a party at an exclusive club, you can go wild with colors and even choose patterned, multicoloured shoes, which will give the whole outfit a more expressive character


Such shoes may be considered by some as a rather extravagant cut of footwear. Yes, some moccasins may require a bit of boldness from the man wearing them. There are also styles of moccasins, which are difficult to imagine in styling, because of their unusual shape or flashy ornaments. However, these are all exceptions! Classic moccasins are an interesting type of footwear, which will diversify and break too cliché outfits. If you are afraid that your style is not expressive enough for moccasins to match your clothes, try it! Many guys were positively surprised, who knows, maybe you will join them?

Moccasins come in very different variants. They can be fabric, braided, suede or ecological leather. Due to the variety of materials from which the shoes are made, they are available in a wide range of colors, so every guy will find something for himself

Despite appearances, shoes are an extremely important element of every style. Well-chosen shoes are the key to elegance and creating your image. Thanks to the three types of shoes described above, you will be able to create many fashionable outfits for every occasion. Casual style is a very broad concept, so depending on your sense of aesthetics, decide for yourself what is suitable for you.


Main photo: Edward Berthelot/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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