Depression without secrets – check out what you need to know about this insidious disease

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According to WHO data, by 2030 depression will be the most common disorder in the world, and already now up to 8 million Poles suffer from it. Depression does not spare anyone – it affects women, men and children. Check what you should know about this disease

What is depression?

Depression is nothing else than a complex of mood and activity disorders, lasting for a long time. Its extremely debilitating character can negatively influence functioning of a patient in everyday life. It may be manifested, among others, by feeling sad and lacking the slightest desire for active social life

Due to the nature of the disease, each patient requires an individual approach. Untreated depression can lead to slow cachexia.

Causes of depression

Specialists distinguish two categories of causes for the development of depression: endogenous and exogenous causes. The first category is connected with genetic conditions – it is difficult to determine the exact cause of depression, it is connected with multigene background. Endogenous depression is the most severe form of the disease and has a high degree of severity.

Depressions with exogenous basis are a consequence of intensive influence of stressful situations, unfavorable psychosocial events or somatic diseases

Depressive episodes may also occur in the case of eating disorders, neurosis, abuse of psychoactive substances or pharmacological agents

Symptoms of depression

Although there are many types of depression, they are all characterized by a similar set of symptoms. They differ from each other only in intensity and the moment of appearance. Doctors divide them into primary and secondary symptoms.

The first of the primary symptoms is lowering of mood. The sufferer feels constant sadness and depression. He cannot feel pleasure and joy, everything seems indifferent to him.

Depression is also connected with lowering of psychomotor drive. Patients may notice a marked slowing down of thinking and the pace of speech. There are also difficulties with memory and slower movements. All of this is associated with decreased vital energy and psychophysical fatigue. The sufferer has trouble sleeping, which leads to disruption of circadian rhythms. There may be neck pain, constipation, digestive disorders, dry mouth and weight loss. A person struggling with depression may feel a constant sense of tension and anxiety.

Secondary symptoms include disturbed thinking – negative self-evaluation, exaggerated way of defining one’s past and future, discouragement with life, and lack of motivation. It is associated with limiting the number of one’s interests, isolating oneself, and failing to perform one’s duties. Patients often mention suicidal thoughts

Fighting depression

Depression requires prompt intervention and early recognition. Even the smallest noticeable problem with emotions should be taken seriously. The patient is then placed under the care of a specialist, who selects an appropriate way of treatment, mostly pharmacological

Depression – where to look for help?

If you are facing an emotional crisis or recognize symptoms of depression in yourself, you can call one of the toll-free numbers to receive further guidance and help:

  • 116 123 – adults,
  • 116 111 – children and teens,
  • 800 108 108

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