The last training was… A very long time ago? We suggest how you can get back into shape

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Want to work on your fitness, but lack motivation? You’re not the only one. Many people struggle to start exercising regularly again after taking a break from training. Perhaps our advice can help you enter the world of physical activity anew.

Don’t expect too much from yourself

After a long break from exercise, you may feel a drop in form. This is absolutely normal. You may notice that some activities no longer work out for you as well as they used to. You need to accept this and try to regain your old fitness. The good news is that you will gain it faster than the first time. It’s all thanks to muscle memory, which will help you regain your form faster.

Patience is the key to success

Getting back in shape can be frustrating. However, everything takes time, and with your hard and regular work, you will get back to your former fitness. If you work persistently, you’ll notice results after just a few weeks. Don’t start with intense workouts, as you will increase the risk of injury. Start with light exercises and patiently progress to more demanding ones.

Start slowly

It is recommended that you begin your return to strength training after a long break with three full-body workouts per week and at least one day of rest in between. Focus on one body part each day of exercise. Over time, as you feel you’re getting back into shape, you can increase the intensity: do more repetitions, perform more challenging exercises and shorten the rest time.

Don’t compare yourself with others

Can your friend do more push-ups than you? Or your neighbor covers longer distances? The only thing left to do is congratulate them. Don’t compare yourself to others. Each of us needs our own time to get in shape. Set specific goals and focus on them. Enjoy your small successes and don’t be discouraged by minor failures.

Spend your non-training days actively

Rest days are extremely important for proper muscle recovery. Especially when soreness occurs. However, spending it on the couch with a TV series is not the best idea. It is better to use this time to prepare for your next workout. You can go for a long walk or go to the pool. This way you will get back to your old workout habits faster.

Don’t use your full potential

When returning to training again, you may be tempted to use your maximum potential. However, it’s not worth giving in to it, as that one repetition too many can have noticeable effects in the following days. It is better to do fewer exercises than to wake up sore the next day and lose all motivation.

Contingency plan

There may come a day when doing your planned workout is impossible. Have a contingency plan in mind to consume the day. It could be faster or less strenuous exercises, or even a bike ride, a soccer game or a swimming pool. Such activity is far better than total inactivity.

Find a companion

Workouts with someone are much more enjoyable than those alone. You can train with your trusted friend or gather a larger group of friends. You will then motivate each other and it will be harder to be tempted to have a day of blissful laziness. However, remember not to compare yourself with others.

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