Training at home – we suggest which exercise equipment is worth investing in

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Staying at home doesn’t have to mean stopping your regular workouts! It’s worth looking for your own ways to take care of your fitness and maintain a good figure. We suggest what equipment will help you exercise at home!

Physical activity strengthens immunity, raises the level of endorphins in blood and generally has a positive effect on our well-being. You do not have to give up sport, even if you cannot go to the gym for training! In this article we tell you what equipment you should invest in to be able to continue exercising at home, to diversify your physical activity, and at the same time not to break your wallet too much.

What should you pay attention to when choosing equipment?

First of all, before buying equipment, it is worth checking whether you have enough space at home to use it comfortably. Remember about the space for exercise, but also for storage. Determine your training goals and from this angle choose accessories that will help you achieve your objectives. You can also enlist the help of a professional personal trainer (many nowadays also provide online advice).

Bet on the quality and durability of the equipment, be guided by technical parameters, opinions of other users and reputation of the manufacturer. This way you can be sure that the equipment will last longer. Check carefully all the features that are available in the device – some of them have a useful calorie counter or measure your heart rate, which will help you monitor your workout

What equipment is worth investing in?

We suggest which exercise equipment you should have in order to increase the effects of exercise at home. We have prepared proposals that will enrich both strength training, cardio, endurance, as well as accessories for stretching and relaxation. We hope that everyone will find something for themselves!

  1. Equipment for the warm-up: skipping rope and step

It is mandatory to start every workout with a warm-up. At the gym, most people use a treadmill or an orbitrek, which activate most of the muscle parts. At home, this may not be so easy

A simpler and more compact solution is a skipping rope and a stepper. Start with 10 minutes of stretching using the stepper. Then do 4 series of jumping jacks of 30 repetitions, increasing your jumping pace.

  1. Exercise bands

Rubber bands can be used for a wide range of purposes – they are useful during warm-ups as well as for training specific parts of muscles. By adding resistance, they increase mobilization of the body. Their additional advantage is their compact size and easy storage

  1. Exercise mat

This is basically the basis, without which it will be difficult to perform a workout independently at home. It is perfect for lying exercises (e.g. abdominal or leg muscles). The mat provides proper cushioning and comfort during training, so it is worth investing in it

  1. Kettlebell

Special weights are useful for strength training, especially for developing shoulder muscles. Kettlebells allow you to intensify the exercises of your whole body, improve coordination and general endurance

The equipment helps to exercise all parts of the muscles, which is much more difficult when training without accessories. The equipment will also allow you to gradually increase the load, which will significantly increase the effectiveness and allow you to see the desired results faster.

Benefits of regular physical activity

Although most people associate training with equipment only with the gym, thanks to the wide availability of various accessories everyone can effectively exercise also at home. Compact devices and accessories do not require much space, but they can add an interesting variety to your workout and keep you motivated to exercise.

Especially at a time when the ability to leave home is limited, it is extremely important to ensure regular physical activity. Sport strengthens the immune system, supports the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and helps to burn excess calories, which are not difficult to lose while sitting at home all the time. Movement also perfectly reduces stress and tension, so that after a successful workout we feel calmer and relaxed


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