Why should you systematically comb out your beard?

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More and more beard owners are trying to make their beards look aesthetically pleasing. Frequent visits to the barber and proper grooming habits help achieve this goal. A mandatory step in caring for one’s beard is to systematically comb it out. How to do it? What results can be expected? About this is the following article.

Hygiene is the basis

Taking care of your beard not only affects its appearance, but also helps with hygiene. Combing out the beard, right next to washing it, is a procedure that helps keep it clean.

Why comb out a beard?

Beard owners are certainly aware that a lot of dirt settles on the hair, such as food residue or pollen flying in the air. Regular washing and brushing therefore helps get rid of unwanted dirt.

Long beards have a tendency to tangle and collect in tangles. Regular brushing prevents these phenomena, and allows you to enjoy a perfect beard.

When you brush your beard, you simultaneously massage your facial skin. In this way, we improve blood circulation. The skin is ready to receive more nutrients, and consequently the beard will be supplied with vitamins and minerals that benefit its growth. Brushing the beard is also a way to get rid of dead skin and prevent the formation of dandruff.

How to properly groom a beard?

To enjoy the benefits of combing out your beard, you need to do it the right way. It’s a good idea to perform this ritual twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. Get down to brushing before applying oils and other cosmetics. The process of combing out the beard itself is extremely simple and is no different from combing the hair on your head. All you need to do is pull through the hair from top to bottom, without using too much force. Brushing can be finished when there is no more pollen on the card and the hair is smooth.

What to comb the beard with?

The beard can be combed with both a brush and a comb. Both of these tools perform different functions, so it is advisable to use them depending on the desired effect.

Beard brush

We use a beard brush, commonly known as a carder, when our hair has reached a certain length and is thicker. This is when our complexion has limited access to air, so combing the beard ensures proper blood circulation to the skin, and thus a better looking beard. Combing the beard with a brush helps remove food residue and acts as a mechanical scrub – it exfoliates dead skin. It also stimulates the hair follicles, so the beard grows stronger. When properly brushed, the hair is more manageable and has increased volume.

Which beard brush to choose?

There are beard brushes on the market made of both synthetic and natural fiber. However, it is not too important which material you decide on. Be guided by your personal preferences. If you have sensitive skin, a brush with soft bristles will work better, while if your beard is thick and tends to tangle, go for a harder brush.

Beard comb

A beard comb is designed to separate the hair, so it will work well for both combing and styling. We should choose the type of comb according to the length of our beard. For a long beard, a tool with long teeth will work better, as it will reach every layer. For tangled hair, a comb with widely spaced teeth will be best.

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