Modern washing machines. How to choose the best model?

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Washing machine is one of the basic appliances in every home, which is used very often. So it must be durable and functional, as well as energy efficient. Check which model to choose.

  1. What washing machines do we have to choose from?
  2. How to choose automatic washing machines?
  3. Additional features

When choosing a washing machine, it is worth paying attention to its size, drum capacity and available washing programs. Water consumption for each washing cycle, energy class and additional features like smartphone remote control are also important.

What washing machines to choose from?

Choosing a washing machine should start with the right type of appliance. The simplest are centrifugal washing machines, so models reminiscent of the iconic Frania. Modern centrifugal washing machines do not differ from it neither in appearance nor functionality and are mainly chosen by people looking for a device, which can be easily moved from place to place. Centrifugal washing machine is lightweight and does not require a connection to the water supply – pouring water in and out is done manually. Advanced models have a built-in centrifuge or wringer that is responsible for centrifuging the water from the laundry, but this is an optional extra.

The most common choices are washing machines automatic. Such devices can be divided into front-loading or top-loading washing machines. Both types of equipment will work well in both small and large bathrooms, but if the washing machine is to stand in the kitchen, it is better to opt for a front-loaded model – its use will be much more convenient than using a top-loaded washing machine. The latter are usually smaller, so they are often chosen by owners of small bathrooms.

How to choose automatic washing machines?

The basic parameter that you need to pay attention to is the dimensions of the device. Standard front-loading automatic washing machines have a depth of 50 to 65 cm. However, in some bathrooms a shallower washing machine is needed – then slim models, with a depth of 39.9 cm to 49 cm, or super slim washing machines, with a depth of less than 39.9 cm, are suitable. Individual washing machines may also vary in height and width, which is why you should first choose the place where the appliance will be placed and only then start choosing the appliance so that it will fit into a given space. It should also be remembered that the shallower the washing machine is, the smaller its load capacity usually is, which can be important for large families.

The second determinant should be the capacity, that is, the amount of laundry that can be washed in one cycle, expressed in kilograms. Nowadays the best washing machines rarely hold less than 6 kg of load. Small devices with a capacity of 4 or 5 kg of laundry are intended mainly for singles or students, while the larger ones, with a capacity of 8-9 kg of load, are a good choice for families of 2+2. On the market there are also models with a capacity of even 13 kg of clothes in one washing cycle, most often chosen by families with at least three children or for multi-generational homes.

Those who care about short drying time of the washed clothes should pay attention to the spin speed. This is expressed in revolutions per minute and in standard appliances ranges from 700 to 1600 rpm. The maximum spin speed is important because it determines how dry the laundry will be taken out of the washing machine. At the same time, it is worth checking whether the washing machine has the possibility of selecting this speed, because not all fabrics tolerate such fast spinning well.

Washing programs are also important. Each of them is arranged in such a way that the washed fabrics are thoroughly cleaned of all dirt, and at the same time they are not damaged during washing. Useful programs include hand wash, dedicated to delicate fabrics, pre-wash, used for heavily soiled items or to remove dried stains, steam programs, anti-allergenic, economy, children, night and fast. A good automatic washing machine, in addition to numerous programs to choose from, also allows for automatic dosage of detergent, tailored to the amount of laundry. This function is usually accompanied by automatic weighing – the washing machine itself checks how heavy the load is, and adjusts the amount of detergent to its weight.

Water consumption per cycle also matters – the smaller the better, as well as electricity consumption. The new energy class considered to be the best is class A; in March 2021, according to EU directives, the designation of individual classes with additional plus signs was abandoned. Functional, modern models can be found at

Additional features

When choosing a washing machine, it is also worth taking into account its additional functions, thanks to which the device will be convenient to use. Nowadays, the option to shorten the washing time according to your needs is popular, as well as to control the device through a smartphone app. The second option allows you to turn on the washing machine at any time and from anywhere. If there are small children at home, it is worth opting for an appliance with a parental lock and additional protection against flooding. Also useful is the electronic display and a clear and intuitive to use control panel.

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