What is the best way to choose underwear?

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Choosing the right underwear is not only about matching it with clothes, but most importantly about wearing comfort. Everyone should choose it according to comfort. See how best to choose it.

For traditionalists

The most typical and traditional model of men’s underwear are briefs. They enjoy unwavering popularity. Men wear them regardless of age and weight. Manufacturers offer many styles, among which it is easy to choose the right one for yourself. The main differences between them are the location of the seams and the shape of the materials they are made of.

Many men prefer seamless briefs, sewn from a single piece of fabric. These provide maximum comfort, as there is no possibility of the seam pressing in any way and causing discomfort. They will be ideal when wearing suits or summer thin pants.

Other models may have vertical stitching that runs down the front. However, this may cause discomfort. There are also briefs with horizontal topstitching running down the middle of the underwear. This is a comfortable solution, thanks to which the briefs fit tight to the body. A wide selection of men’s briefs can be found at

Comfort and convenience

Boxer briefs are just as popular as briefs. You can choose from a variety of models offering a different level of fit, from very tight, snug-fitting models to loose-fitting models. The latter are available at This model of men’s underwear is ideal for sports activities, for example.

A lot of men prefer looser models of boxers. They are breathable, which is important especially in summer. The legs of this type of underwear may end just before the buttocks, but manufacturers also offer models with extended legs. Some boxer shorts have a zipper cut-out, which makes it easier to use the toilet.

The loosest

Shorts are more lightweight than the already loose boxers. They do not cling to the body and have longer legs. They often have a slit in the front that fastens with buttons. Boxers are often motley, while shorts usually have simple geometric patterns or are plain in color. You can find this underwear model in a wide range here:

For the slightly more daring

Thongs are the least popular model of men’s underwear. Some men, however, appreciate them for not being visible under pants, which is beneficial especially in summer, during high temperatures.

What is the best material?

Both briefs, as well as boxers or shorts, should be made of cotton. Synthetic materials have inferior properties and overheat delicate intimate areas. They can also cause chafing and skin changes. In order to make men’s underwear more flexible, synthetic fibres, usually polyester, are added to the material. However, this does not adversely affect the quality of products.

On the market there are models made of antibacterial materials. They have hypoallergenic properties, thanks to which they prevent the multiplication of bacteria. This has a positive effect on the comfort of wearing underwear.

It is worth buying underwear of higher quality, which does not show through and does not stretch too much. However, if you choose cheaper models, you should change them quite often.

How to choose the right size?

Regardless of the chosen model, underwear must fit the size you are wearing. Narrower boxers and briefs should hug the body, fitting snugly to the buttocks, but at the same time not causing a feeling of mismatch. A size too small not only looks unsightly, but can also cause pressure on the intimate parts.

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