Style lesson: what did we learn from Harry Styles?

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The charming member of the group One Direction underwent a metamorphosis and while starting his solo career he became known as an artist who likes to draw from the 70s, but also… women’s closet. The world has gone crazy about Harry Styles’ style. What makes him stand out?

From teenager to idol – a brief career history

Harry Styles is a British singer, songwriter and model who was born in 1994. Music has always played a significant role in his life. He debuted in the boy band White Eskimo, and in 2010 he joined the newly formed group One Direction. At that time, his career took a frenetic pace. One Direction’s albums were winning first places in the most important charts.

Five years later the band suspended its activity, but Harry Styles decided to try to start a solo career. And this time he also achieved a huge success. So far, he has two solo albums to his credit. He has also appeared in a movie and in a Gucci campaign. And when it comes to his private life, his relationships with Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner have received the most attention.

The singer started 2021 with nearly 36 million followers on Instagram and over 9.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

Harry Styles’ style – constant experimentation, fashion knows no gender

It must also be admitted that Styles does not look like a typical teen idol. His style is extravagant, but also thoughtful. Many people admire him, he can inspire and shock. It is hard to believe that Styles used to wear mostly black. Now he is not afraid of color, pattern or flash.

As we mentioned earlier, Harry Styles collaborates with the fashion house Gucci and it is impossible not to notice it. His outfits feature many unusual patterns as well as materials. Just as Gucci surprises with bold designs, it is hard to pass by the singer’s styling indifferently. He looks fantastic in even the craziest designs.

What is most striking about his style is his absolute freedom. He proves that everything is for everyone, fashion is genderless and no one needs to be labelled. He himself wears what he likes, what he enjoys – no matter if it is an element of women’s or men’s closet. This is what he tries to show his fans. To not be afraid to reach for their own. It’s better to broaden your thinking and go beyond the framework imposed by society. You need to be confident and have the courage to experiment.

Jewelry also in men’s hairstyles

The former One Direction member often reaches for jewelry, including women’s jewelry. His fingers are adorned with signet rings, even several on one hand at a time. That is not all. Pendants, pearls, and earrings can also be spotted in his styles.

Pants madness

It’s fair to say that Styles is fond of fancy pants. High waists and wide legs are not new to him. He proved it, among others, on the cover of one of his albums, where he is wearing white pants, from which it is hard to take your eyes off.

Moreover, we can’t forget about his styling from the MET Gala 2019, where he appeared on the pink carpet all in black – in a jumpsuit from the men’s Gucci collection. Here, the attention is drawn to the high-waisted pants with a wider leg. He also accessorized the outfit with a jabot shirt with transparent sleeves and pumps with a few centimeter heels and a dangling pearl earring.

A suit has more than one name

Harry Styles loves suits – sequined, sparkly, appliquéd, double-breasted, velvet, corduroy, patterned, striped, floral, bold in color (including pink or purple).

His closet is filled to the brim with all sorts of suits. He mixes them with a white shirt, but more and more often he decides on unobvious combinations. Harry Styles has been hailed as the best-dressed man many times over. He proves that it is sometimes worth going against the grain and not being pigeonholed, also when it comes to fashion


Main photo: Dia Dipasupil/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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