Find out how sauna affects your beauty and health and how you should use it properly

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We can distinguish many types of saunas – traditional steam sauna (bath), dry sauna (Finnish), infrared sauna (infrared), biosauna, herbal sauna, or salt sauna. No matter which one you choose, your body and skin will benefit from it.

Advantages of sauna bathing

Sauna has been known for thousands of years. No wonder. It has beneficial effects on our body and we should use it regularly. Sessions in the sauna are not only a form of relaxation and get rid of stress, but also have therapeutic properties.

They help cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, relax the muscles, improve circulation (regular visits reduce the risk of heart attack), lower blood pressure and regulate the heart rate. In addition, they accelerate the burning of calories and increase immunity, especially in the winter months when it is easy to catch a cold or other infections.

Unfortunately, not everyone can benefit from this form of activity. People with diseases of the heart, blood vessels, high blood pressure, fever, sick thyroid, or after a stroke should give up the sauna

Before entering a sauna, you must..

Using a sauna is safe and comfortable if you follow certain rules. Otherwise you can harm yourself. First of all, do not enter after drinking alcohol or more than an hour after a meal.

First, take a thorough shower (including your face) to wash off all sweat, deodorant and cosmetics. Then wipe yourself dry, take off your underwear or swimming trunks, flip-flops, watch, wedding ring and other accessories, and wrap yourself in a towel (it’s best to have two – one to lie on, and one to wipe your whole body after the next shower).

It is also worth reading the rules of the selected sauna, so as not to meet you on the way some unpleasant surprises

What about the swimsuit?

Men should have no problem entering the sauna naked (wrapped in a towel). This is not at all a matter of preference – simply the artificial fabric does not let the air through properly and can lead to skin burns in the intimate areas, which in extreme cases can lead to infertility

We go to the sauna to sweat, which is very difficult if we are wearing swim trunks. But if you are uncomfortable with nudity, just invest in a thick and large towel, which will cover everything.

And once you’re in the sauna..

Enter each sauna quickly, so as not to let the cold air in, but also quietly. We should greet other people in a low voice, and then sit or lie down on the bench – on a towel to maintain hygiene (sweat soaks into the bench, so it’s better to separate from it). Here it is also worth remembering that the higher the warmer it will be.

Conversations are not welcome, touching someone or looking at others, and certainly commenting on someone’s appearance. If we want to pour water on hot stones or use scented oil, we must warn the others about it

If you feel weak or feel sick, you should immediately leave the sauna. As a rule, one visit to the sauna lasts about 10-20 minutes.

What should I do after leaving the sauna?

You can visit the sauna several times during a single day, but you should take breaks of about 10-15 minutes. Each time, you must cool down in the shower and wash your body thoroughly (only then can you enter the pool). It remains to replenish fluids. It is good to rest for a while and sit or lie down comfortably before going home.


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