How to take care of a suit so that it looks impeccable for a long time?

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Every stylish man should have a well-tailored suit in his closet. It is a part of men’s closet, which is useful during many occasions, both formal and social. But do you know how to take care of a suit so that it looks impeccable for a long time?

Some men will wear a suit only on special occasions, while for others it is an integral part of the company dress code. Remember, however, that no matter how often you wear a suit, it should be tailored to your figure and enhance your image. And, of course, it has to look its best!

Proper care for your suit

A clean and pressed suit is the calling card of an elegant and stylish man. However, it is worth remembering that good quality materials also require appropriate care. It is all about proper storage, cleaning and laundering of the suit, but also about ensuring that there are no unsightly or sloppy creases on it. How do I iron my suit so that it always looks impeccable?

When ironing a suit it is important to use an additional, preferably lightweight fabric, which will protect the suit from the characteristic iron marks on the material. Start with the most troublesome part of the suit, the sleeves. To iron the sleeves thoroughly, you can use a special narrow ironing board. It is important to avoid high temperatures when ironing a suit, as they can damage not only delicate but also thicker fabrics. Usually there is information on the suit label, which will help you choose the right temperature for the fabric.

How do I iron my suit pants? It is best to start with the pockets, after turning them inside out. Then, in the same way, iron the smaller parts of the pants, i.e. areas near the pockets, on the seams and hems. To iron the upper part of the trousers precisely, it is best to place each leg on the narrower end of the ironing board, which will allow thorough ironing.

How do I wash my suit? A suit should only be washed when it is actually necessary. It is best to send it to a dry cleaner, as woolen suits can only be washed dry. Also, remember that wool doesn’t absorb sweat like cotton does and steam cleaning and refreshing will suffice for its care

How to take care of a suit when traveling?

Taking care of your suit while traveling is also extremely important. After all, it is not an art to iron it impeccably, and then pack it badly in the car and take it out of the cover completely crumpled. If you are planning a long trip by car, it is best to pack your suit in a cover and put it safely on the back seat. Handheld steamers work great for travel. They are handy, easy to pack and, most importantly, you don’t need an ironing board to use them at all. Just hang your suit on a hanger or place it on the seat, and the steam jet will take care of the creases on the way.

How do I store my suit at home?

The fabric of the suit needs to be able to circulate air, so it should not be kept in its case at home. After removing the suit from its case, it is best to put it back in the closet immediately. Remember not to hang the jacket on ordinary hooks, as the fabric may pull out unsightly where the hook is sewn in. It is best to hang the jacket on a hanger with wide shoulders, as this will prevent the jacket’s arms from deforming.

To make sure your suit lasts for years, there are a few details to keep in mind as well. Always wait until the ironed pants are completely dry before you hang them up in the closet or pack them in the bag. This will prevent creasing and damage to the fabric. Also, try to always hang your pants according to the hem lines marked out during ironing, and your jacket on a properly shaped hanger.


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