Training on a skipping rope – what should you know about it?

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Aerobic workouts are among the extremely good methods to effectively lose weight, as well as to visibly strengthen muscles. What is worth knowing about this method of training?

Calorie burner and warm-up for home exercises

Training on a skipping rope allows you to burn calories extremely effectively. Just 15 minutes of training allows you to burn up to 200 kcal, which is twice as much as for example running or swimming.

At the same time skipping perfectly helps us to warm up before actual training, so it will be perfect as one of the ways to organize our own exercise room at home. Extremely economical training requires from us only one thing: standing far from furniture, so that the rope does not interfere with anything.

Strengthening your muscles

One of the biggest benefits of training on a skipping rope is the marked strengthening of many muscles. These include:

  • leg muscles, especially the calves and the biceps and quadriceps muscles of the thighs,
  • the abductors, adductors and flexors of the lower limbs,
  • the widest back muscle,
  • pectoralis muscle,
  • muscle girdle – transverse abdominal muscles, multifidus muscles and pelvic floor muscles,
  • arm muscles – both triceps, biceps and wrist flexors.

Training on a skipping rope allows us to take care of many different and important muscles of our body.

Coordination of movement combined with fun

Training with a skipping rope allows us to perfectly develop the motor coordination of our limbs, and also helps us to react quickly to stimuli. No wonder that it is an element commonly present in boxers’ training

Developing our motor coordination and sense of balance will come in handy every day. Finally, it is worth remembering that skipping is an extremely enjoyable activity. No wonder most of us used a skipping rope when we were children. While taking care of our body, we can go back to the pleasant memories of our childhood.

When we should not decide on training on skipping rope?

It should be remembered that not everyone can afford to exercise using skipping rope. It is not advisable especially for people who are overweight or suffer from knee problems. Intense jumping can aggravate the disease and even damage the joints

It is essential to avoid intensive jumping if you are of advanced age or if you have heart problems or high blood pressure. This is due to the fact that training with skipping rope can significantly increase our heart rate level.

How to choose a proper skipping rope?

When planning a skipping rope workout you should not forget about choosing the right equipment. Although it is a relatively cheap way to take care of your fitness, it’s worth to add a few zloty and do not choose the cheapest, designed for children equipment.

It is worth choosing a skipping rope with a wooden handle, and the best skipping rope with foam handles. With the absorption of excess moisture will avoid the risk of slipping the handle from your hand. When it comes to the rope, it is worth starting with a string one, and only then moving on to a leather or thong one

It is also important to choose a line of appropriate length. How to judge it? You should stand in the middle of the line, take it in both hands and lift them. Your hands should reach to the maximum of your shoulder height.

How to exercise with skipping rope?

Effective training on a skipping rope requires certain preparation. First of all, we should choose shoes with shock absorbing soles, so that frequent hitting the ground will not strain our joints. Although skipping can be a warm-up, also the exercise on it should be preceded by arm circles, skipping, jumping jacks and running in place

The exercise should be carried out on an anti-slip mat and on a thick, folded blanket. The key is to use proper technique. We should move our wrists, not our arms. We should limit the height of our jumps and land on our toes. We will get the most benefit from jumping in which we keep our backs straight, look ahead and pull our abdominals in slightly.


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