How to get rid of soreness? Find out the proven ways of our editors

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Do you get sore after an intensive training, running or a day’s hike on a mountain peak? Sore muscles are not particularly popular, but you can get rid of them effectively and quickly. How? We suggest!

Sore muscles are a troublesome ailment which most often affects us as a result of intensive physical effort. Then we look for ways to loosen up sore and tense muscles. What can we do to forget about the pain?

What exactly are muscle soreness?

The name ‘sore muscles’ is colloquial, and it is derived from delayed onset muscle soreness syndrome and is a term for a specific type of pain which usually appears on the second day after intensive exercise. Its common name comes from the lactic acid that this condition is associated with, namely its accumulation in the muscles

However, this is a false association, because in fact, although lactic acid itself is a by-product of metabolism and accumulates in muscles due to oxygen deficiency, it is not the direct cause of the so-called soreness. However, it is a fact that even about an hour after intensive exercise, the lactic acid itself is flushed out of the muscle tissue by the flowing blood.

The cause and origin of soreness is still hotly debated, both in the medical world and by people who regularly train. However, it is worth knowing that pain after training is primarily associated with muscle micro-damage, which occurs during training, which is most often a slight inflammation or swelling of muscle cells. Micro-damage to muscles is caused, among other things, by their insufficient warm-up before training.

How to avoid annoying soreness?

If you have planned a training session or an intensified physical effort after a long break, it is worth taking care of the proper preparation of your muscles beforehand, in order to avoid unpleasant pain in the form of the so-called soreness. How to do it? Definitely warm up properly before exercise, it is about warming up aerobically, cardio, but without using additional load

It is also important to choose the intensity of exercise to your capabilities, because if after a long abstinence from training you immediately take on a demanding workout, you will not avoid soreness despite the warm-up. It is also very important to stretch after training, it can significantly minimize the risk of soreness. Drinking water with lemon is also a method that can help you avoid soreness.

Check out our proven ways to get rid of sore muscles

You got out of bed with pain in almost every muscle. No more blaming yourself for poor pre-workout preparation, now it’s time to find a way to combat the unbearable pain.

Our top 5 tips for dealing with sore muscles

  1. Take a long, hot bath

A hot bath is a relief, since warmed muscles can regenerate much faster. A similar effect can be achieved by alternating showers, i.e. by pouring cold and warm water over the sore areas. It is worth adding e.g. sea salt or aromatic oil to such bath, especially in a bathtub.

  1. Sauna for sore muscles

A good way to get rid of sore muscles faster is to go to the sauna. The high temperature relaxes the body and relieves muscle pain.

  1. Applying anti-inflammatory ointment to particularly sore areas

An anti-inflammatory gel and ointment, as well as one with a warming effect, can also help relieve the pain caused by soreness. It is worth visiting a pharmacy and asking the pharmacist.

  1. Using “grandma’s” methods, e.g. rubbing vinegar on sore spots

Relief from sore muscles may be provided by rubbing vinegar on sore areas. This is an old method used by our grandmothers. It is effective because it relieves pain.

  1. Pause between workouts

If you have developed bothersome soreness, it is a good idea to give your sore muscles a rest and not to quickly torture them with another workout, and to start exercising once you get rid of the pain.


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