Swimming – what do we owe to regular workouts in the pool?

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Swimming is a skill that we especially appreciate during holiday trips. Swimming in the sea or in an aqua park becomes much more pleasant when you can float. What do regular workouts in the pool give us?

What are the benefits of regular training in a swimming pool?

Swimming primarily supports the immune system and increases lung capacity during workouts. Swimming with a curl is the most effective because it requires the most work from the respiratory system. The capacity of an average person’s lungs is about 5 liters, but with regular swimming you can increase it to as much as 11 liters.

In addition, swimming has a positive effect on your joints. During training, the water relieves the body of stress. This means you can lift another person in the water, even one much heavier than you! The buoyancy force is so great that it has a rehabilitative effect. It is a way to correct spinal defects and treat injuries.

If the gym is not the place for you, then swimming can be the perfect way to lose weight. An hour of intense training equals over 600 calories burned! You engage more muscles when swimming than when running or cycling. In addition, regular training will help you build muscle mass and improve endurance.

Why is it worth swimming?

Swimming stimulates the cardiovascular system. It improves heart function and significantly reduces the likelihood of heart disease. Moreover, swimming definitely improves fitness and endurance. It is a discipline that engages large parts of muscles and strengthens them with the help of training. Working out in water, we are forced to use the whole body and not a single muscle part as in gym exercises.

Water makes us feel calm and composed. It helps fight bad moods and makes us feel relaxed. Physical activity releases a portion of endorphins in us, thanks to which we feel happy and do not worry about problems.

Swimming is effective in correcting curvature of the spine and helps strengthen the muscles responsible for stabilization. If you suffer from scoliosis or kyphosis, back swimming is for you! Regularly attending the pool will improve the firmness of your skin, lower your body fat and cholesterol levels.

Swimming a minimum of 30 minutes at least 2 times a week contributes to lower resting heart rate and consequently to lower blood pressure.

Swimming as a way to relax

Swimming is a great idea for utilizing energy reserves that we have at the end of the day. It helps reduce stress and relieve tension. Just 20 minutes in lukewarm water is enough to relax your muscles and free your head from unnecessary thoughts.

You will definitely notice an improvement in the appearance of your figure. Swimming involves the muscles of your arms and back, so carefully choose the style you want to swim in to suit your body shape. Swimming frog or kayak will significantly develop your arm muscles, as will training on the back.

Certainly by training regularly, you will get rid of unwanted cellulite from your buttocks or abdomen. Remember that apart from sports, it is important to maintain a proper diet.

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