Style lesson: what did we learn from George Clooney?

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Talented, popular and handsome – such is George Clooney, who overshadowed many a man with his beauty. For the most part, his hairstyles are impeccable. It is worth taking a cue from him and being inspired to create your own outfits.

George Clooney is one of the most popular Hollywood actors in the world. He is also a film director, writer and producer. He gained fame in the 1990s thanks to his role as Dr. Douglas “Doug” Ross in the cult medical series ER, which proved to be a breakthrough in his career. Film and commercial offers quickly poured in, which Clooney gladly took advantage of. He has many successful roles to his credit, plus he has also won two Academy Awards and three Golden Globes.

Privately, he has been married since 2014 to lawyer Amal Alamuddin, with whom he has twins – son Alexander and daughter Ella.

The charismatic George Clooney turned sixty this year and continues to impress with his beauty, even with gray hair and wrinkles, although it must be said that he keeps very well and does not look his age. He is a real amant with dark eyes and a feisty smile, repeatedly recognized as the most handsome actor in the world, who has refined his style to perfection.

Black Suit in Top Style

Black suits are worn for extremely formal occasions and evening events (except funerals). George Clooney proves that it is definitely worth having it in your closet because it looks phenomenal. It is, of course, completed with a snow-white shirt, tie, and polished leather shoes. This look is most often seen on Clooney and is very well received by critics and professional stylists.

Another interesting alternative is a navy blue or… grey suit. In a two-piece gray suit with a subtle color accent in the form of a tie and pillowcase the actor appeared at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

A bow tie instead of a tie

George Clooney is often seen wearing a suit with his shirt unbuttoned at the top and thus without a tie. However, if the occasion calls for it, he prefers a bow tie to the aforementioned tie. It gives him a less strict and more elegant look. It’s worth experimenting and trying on a few bow ties to see if a given outfit doesn’t look better and more interesting. It may turn out that we will follow the pattern of a Hollywood gentleman.

And for everyday life – polo shirt

Although George Clooney is most often seen in a suit or a jacket and jeans, he chooses polo shirts – simple, uniform and without a big brand logo – for everyday walks or other informal occasions. He combines them not only with jeans, but also with more formal pants

Minimalism and monochromatic combinations

Undoubtedly, Clooney’s style is based on a subdued and dark color palette. Most often we will see him in black, white, brown, grey and navy blue. He rarely chooses other colors or clothes with inscriptions or prints. for a long time, the 60-year-old prefers monochromatic combinations, juggling only with texture or shade. For example, a navy blue shirt, pants and a jacket will look extremely stylish and chic on any man. We recommend trying out such a look

Sunglasses are the best accessory

The Hollywood actor is also very frugal when it comes to adding accessories to his outfits. He is rarely seen with a headdress or other accessories. However, Clooney often wears sunglasses. In most cases, they are black, classic, without any unnecessary embellishments. He wears them both with casual outfits and with more formal ones. He proves that well-chosen sunglasses fit even with a suit.


Main photo: Vivien Killilea/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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