the 8 most stylish dads we can learn fashion from

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Among celebrities and popular bloggers or influencers we can find a lot of men who are interested in fashion and thus have an excellent sense of style

Many of them have already started a family, but being a dad has not made them give up their passions, including love for well-cut shirts and fashionable accessories. Some men may become a great inspiration for others who would like to start dressing according to the current trends or follow the rules of classic male elegance. Find out who is worth watching online or in the colourful press

Every year well-known fashion magazines rank the best-dressed men in the world. The list changes only slightly every year, and many names are still high on the list despite the passage of time. These include Brad Pitt and David Beckham, who have long had families and are devoted fathers

This is a clear sign that being a dad does not prevent you from being a stylishly dressed man at the same time. Meet other great looking fathers who only get even more glamorous by having a child. Among the names listed here are both Polish and foreign celebrities.

8 fashionably dressed men who are great fathers

  1. Kamil Pawelski (Exclusive Menel)

Kamil Pawelski has been active in the network for several years under the pseudonym Exclusive Menel. His blog about men’s fashion and lifestyle brought him huge popularity. Today, the influencer, in addition to creating extremely interesting content, is also involved in raising his son as a dad.

  1. David Beckham

David Beckham has been cited as the best-dressed man in the world for years. The former footballer has taken part in various fashion projects, both as the face of campaigns, but also as a co-creator of collections signed with his name. He has also played several roles in films. Privately, he is the husband of Victoria Beckham and dad to three teenage sons Brooklyn, Romeo, Criz and daughter Harper.

  1. Piotr Kraśko

Piotr Kraśko is a well-known and respected journalist and television presenter. His trademark is great professionalism and impeccable style. Despite the fact that Piotr chooses rather safe and subdued styling, he never makes fashion slip-ups

  1. Ryan Gosling

There is probably no style in which American actor Ryan Gosling would look unfavorable. He proves it by constantly playing new roles and completely different characters on the cinema screen. Privately, the father of two daughters looks great both in sporty and more elegant outfits

  1. Marcin Prokop

Marcin Prokop is famous for his original and creative outfits which underline his silhouette and charismatic personality. You can see that the presenter does not like boredom in his closet so he plays with cuts, patterns and colors. Recently, we can see him more and more often in well-tailored suits

  1. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s dressing style has evolved and matured over the years along with the famous singer. We have been watching him on the music scene for almost 30 years now. Thus, we can see the transformation he has undergone. Currently, the star focuses in his styling mainly on simplicity, classic elegance and timeless solutions.

  1. Tom Ford

A great example of a stylish dad is Tom Ford, the creator of a well-known clothing brand, who often wears perfectly tailored suits and refined styles. Although we don’t get many opportunities to admire his private outfits, when they do appear somewhere, Tom always looks stunning

  1. Barack Obama

There is no denying that the former President of the United States is a really stylish and well-dressed man. Today, he no longer holds public office, but we can still see him in exquisitely tailored suits, only instead of a formal tie, he chooses nonchalantly unbuttoned collars. In more private settings, he often opts for leather jackets.


Main photo: Morgan Lieberman/ FilmMagic/ Getty Images

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