How to adjust men’s eyebrows?

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Many men don’t know how to tame their thick, bushy eyebrows to look attractive and enhance their look? Here are some simple tricks to easily adjust men’s eyebrows.

In which cases is it worth to decide to adjust eyebrows?

Eyebrows correction emphasizes eyes and facial features. This type of cosmetic procedure is advisable in situations when:

  • the eyebrows are very bushy, and the hairs are too long (many of them go beyond the main line of growth),
  • hairs grow in different directions.

It is worth noting that the improvement of the appearance of eyebrows is based on the same principles, both for women and men. It is an uncomplicated activity, which, however, requires precision and adherence to a few basic recommendations – which ones?

Trimming male eyebrows – how to prepare for eyebrow correction?

The first step is to soften the pores of the eyebrows. To do this, simply wash your face with warm water (or cover it with a towel dipped in warm water), and then apply a little oily face cream to the eyebrows. Next, we need to cleanse the eyebrows with a cotton ball soaked in micellar fluid or antiseptic.

What next? It is worth to make an outline of the eyebrows (e.g. with the help of a cosmetic pencil) – this will make it easier to give them the desired shape. The last stage of eyebrows preparation is their careful combing.

Eyebrows adjustment for men with scissors

The easiest way to tame is to use small, sharp scissors. It is enough to comb the eyebrows in the direction of their natural growth and trim those that protrude beyond the boundary previously determined with a pencil. If you want an aesthetically pleasing result, remember not to shorten your eyebrows too much – you’ll have to wait a few weeks until they grow back again!

Eyebrows adjustment for men with tweezers

Another tool that we can use to improve the appearance of the eyebrows is tweezers – it is worth noting that plucking the hair with this tool is not pleasant, but the effect lasts longer than in the case of just trimming the eyebrows. Besides, this is a very precise method. We remove only the hair which sticks out and grows beyond the specified line.

Laser eyebrows adjustment for men

A modern way to remove eyebrows is to use a laser procedure – epilation is carried out by a cosmetologist or aesthetic medicine doctor. A few sessions are enough to enjoy nice eyebrows for years. More and more men, especially those with extremely thick and bushy eyebrows, choose this treatment procedure. However, it is the most expensive method discussed (the cost of one visit to the salon is 100-150 PLN, and usually several appointments are needed).

Eyebrows adjustment for men with a trimmer

A trimmer is also an effective method of eyebrow adjustment. This is a small device that does not lead to irritation and does not damage the skin. What is important, removing hair in this way is completely painless (the bulb is not disturbed), so we do not have to be afraid of any discomfort. If you appreciate quality, it is worth investing in a stainless steel trimmer, which is more durable than plastic models.

How long does a home eyebrow correction procedure take? About 10-15 minutes. Depending on how quickly our hair grows back and what method of removal we choose, it is recommended to repeat this procedure every 2-4 weeks.


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