What are the types of men’s underwear and which models are best to choose?

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Many people think that men’s underwear is just briefs and boxers. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are also wrestlers, trunks and other models. What are the differences and which will be the best?

For years it has been established that men’s underwear is mainly briefs and boxers. And it turns out that in good stores with such an assortment we can find a lot of other models, perhaps more practical and comfortable. What makes them different?

Who said that thongs are only for women?

It has been assumed that thongs are a model of underwear that only women wear. This is not true! Thongs come from the word “string”. As the name suggests, they consist mainly of strings or a narrow piece of material that is placed at the back of the underwear and hides between the buttocks when worn. Contrary to appearances, such underwear is quite comfortable and works especially well under pants that may be slightly see-through or tight

Many men, who initially could not imagine wearing thongs, after putting them on found out that this model is really comfortable and practical. According to many women, men look really sexy in it

Briefs – the most popular underwear among men

This is the most popular underwear model among men. They suit men of almost every figure – fatter, leaner or muscular. They fit the body very well, if they are made of good materials and in the right size, they become almost unnoticeable under clothes. They work great especially under suit pants. However, experts advise against this model for men with very wide hips, believing that in them their figure appears even wider

Wrestlers, or full rise briefs

Such underwear is a combination of shorts and briefs. It is designed primarily for people with a muscular, slim figure, possibly with a small belly. Such underwear is slightly more built-up than briefs, so it hides a possible small tire well. However, they are not intended for men who have a bit more excess weight. The disadvantage of this model is that it is difficult to get it in regular stores. Some people also do not like their general appearance, but this is already an individual issue for each user.

How about trunks?

Trunks are a model of underwear that suits slim, muscular men with large, muscular thighs. They are considered to be sexy and comfortable. They support the buttocks, but should not squeeze – this may cause discomfort. Thanks to the additional stretch they are equipped with, they optically slim the legs. They can be worn under almost any type of clothing.

Boxer shorts have been a hit for years

Boxer shorts, underwear resembling short, loose shorts, have been a hit among men for years. Especially since they are easily accessible and often feature funny pictures or inscriptions. They are also the most universal of all models, they can be worn by everyone – both slim and obese men. Their advantage is that they are loose and do not press anything. However, they may be visible under thin pants.

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