What to wear the half shoes with?

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Half-shoes are the perfect transitional footwear. When it starts to get warm outside and you put your winter boots deep in the closet, but it is still too cold for sandals, it is time for styling with half boots in the main role. They are perfect for everyday outfits, date night and business meetings, so they are the perfect choice for men who value versatility in their closet. Here are the best stylings with the participation of half shoes!

Universal classics

The purchase of shoes will pay off, regardless of the season and circumstances. In fact, you can wear them with any outfit, which makes half shoes one of the most popular and versatile choices in every young man’s closet. If you don’t want to look too serious, but want to bring a touch of unforced elegance to your outfits, half shoes are what you need. Just switch from sneakers to mid-calf boots and you will look completely different, while still feeling like yourself

Wear your sneakers for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, a job interview or out for coffee. Circumstances don’t matter! With shoes you will never commit a fashion faux-pas because it is simply impossible.

Casual shoes

If you are thinking about a casual everyday look, leather men’s shoes are the perfect choice for a shopping trip, a meeting with friends or a casual day at work. What to wear with them? Take advantage of the warm weather and go for a classic short-sleeved polo – don’t be afraid of bold floral prints, they will add variety and character to your everyday look and are especially trendy this season. You don’t have to be uncomfortable to look trendy, so your favorite jeans are a great choice for this outfit. Temperature dropping? Just add a leather jacket and you have a comfortable and stylish outfit for the evening! Great for going out to the club or on a date.

Business outing

Men’s shoes, specifically the classic moccasins, are a simple way to tasteful styling. It does not take much to look elegant, because… actually they are elegance itself. Just add a matching shirt to chinos in a subdued, calm color and you are ready for a business meeting, or even a date with a loved one in an elegant restaurant. There’s nothing stopping you from ditching the long chinos for shorter ones on warmer days. You just have to make sure that they go well with the rest of your outfit – straight pants ending at knee length are more appropriate than loose sports shorts.

Comfortable and sporty

The versatility of shoes will also be perfect when you are composing a sporty outfit. Add some casualness to everyday stylizations and replace jeans with comfortable combat boots, and you will immediately feel completely different. A loose-fitting sweatshirt does not have to mean that you are going to the gym and put on the first thing from your closet. Choose an intense neon color (especially trendy this season) or an interesting print, which will give your look a unique character, making others pay attention to you – and even want to imitate your bold style. Don’t be afraid of unusual combinations, sport shoes may look good with an elegant shirt with a collar, and tasteful moccasins will go well with a sports blouse. The key is to experiment consciously and, above all, pay attention to your own comfort. If you feel bad in your outfit, it will come off much worse


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