Is renting clothes and accessories the future?

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It has been popular in the U.S. for a long time, but does it have a raison d’être in Poland? Sharing economy gives the possibility of renting various things. What is worth knowing about this trend?

What do we associate renting clothes with? Most of us probably associate it with borrowing clothes from our relatives or friends, of course for free. It is a good idea to have a good deal of time on your hands, but if you have a lot of time on your hands, it is possible that you will have a lot of time on your hands.

However, this is not what lending is about. Sharing economy has become a fashion, for some even a lifestyle. You can borrow various goods, not only clothes. In the U.S., gentlemen in particular are very fond of borrowing sneakers, which are popular but high-end sports shoes. Is renting clothes and accessories our future?

Clothes for a subscription. How is the sharing economy changing global business?

The so-called sharing economy has long been talked about as a new consumer trend. These tend to be seasonal and are forgotten as quickly as news of them spreads around the world. However, when it comes to renting clothes and other accessories on a subscription basis, as some call the sharing economy trend, it can be quite different. The sharing economy is picking up steam and gaining more and more followers.

Since when have we actually seen consumers’ willingness to rent things? This trend started in the U.S. over a decade ago and has been popular in Poland for several years. Buyers have become convinced that access to an item is more important than owning it, and this pattern of thinking is in a way a response to the financial crisis.

The Internet is a powerful medium that in the 21st century is the fastest way to communicate between people, especially across cities or continents. And it is thanks to the new technology that the idea of barter, i.e. lending, has gained strength and so far it is not losing it.

How does sharing economy work?

Sharing economy is based on the method of lending. People exchange their goods among themselves, lending them to others for a lower price than that offered by producers, and what follows, both parties benefit from such an exchange. This trend is loved by women, but men are becoming more and more convinced. Men eagerly decide to buy shoes in barter, for example.

An interesting example to show that sharing economy is our future are sneakers on subscription. This popular sports footwear has been in absolute top fashion for several years. They are worn not only by people associated with the music industry, especially those with a taste for rap. Men can also match them to elegant outfits. Often well-known brands release limited editions of several models for exorbitant money and not every sneaker fan can afford to buy them or simply the model is already sold out.

What to do then? The answer is shoe rentals. You can buy them by paying a fixed, monthly fee. This is how the American company Kyx World operates, which has introduced a subscription model for limited, but not limited, sneaker models. For less than 50 dollars a month, you can use a selected pair of shoes. The purchase can also be exchanged for another model of shoes

Sharing economy is also becoming more and more popular in Poland, so probably soon we will be renting clothes and not only buying them.

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