5 cosmetics that you and your partner can use together

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There are plenty of products on the cosmetics market that men and their partners can use together. What are they? Get to know them!

Unisex is a word taken from the English language, which has permanently entered the canon of fashion and beauty. It means that the offered products are intended to be used both by women and men. Men often “steal” some creams from their partners, there is nothing strange about that, but you do not have to do it in secret, because a lot of cosmetics can be used together. We have chosen 5 cosmetics, which you and your partner can safely use at the same time.

More cosmetics for women – just a stereotype

There is a common belief that ladies need more cosmetics, if only because after removing make-up, the skin needs to be properly cleansed, moisturized and prepared for make-up application. According to popular belief, men boast healthier skin and fewer skin problems. These are misconceptions. Skin imperfections can affect us regardless of gender. And there are many factors that affect it, such as changing weather conditions, allergies or acquired sensitivities caused by the use of cosmetics unsuitable for your skin type. Well-known cosmetic companies meet the expectations of their consumers and in order to make the choice easier for them, they offer products intended for both genders. Face wash gels, cheeses, toners, creams and even perfumes – these are products under the unisex label. Sometimes for men the moisturizing cream, which is used daily by their partner, can be “honey” for the skin. Gentlemen, do not look at the packaging (if in your opinion it is too feminine), because what matters most is the composition of the cosmetic

For Her and For Him – these cosmetics can be used together

I. Facial cleansing gel – Deutes

You can find Deutes cosmetics in many well-known drugstores. Both men and their partners can easily use them. A great product is the facial cleansing gel from this series. First of all, it is a product for the 21st century, with the so-called anti-smog properties. Daily skin washing with this gel protects against environmental pollution

II. Intensively moisturizing face cream – Glowstarter

This is a higher priced product, but very effective. The product has in its composition antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, which are valuable nutrients. The complexion after its use becomes smooth and bright.

III. Hand and foot cream – Bosphaera

This is a great unisex cosmetic product based on sage hydrolate containing significant amounts of urea. What is its effect? It is perfect for the summer season, because it has an antiperspirant effect, and it is known that during hot weather hands and feet sweat the most. In addition, it is a cosmetic that deeply moisturizes the skin

IV. Nourishing and firming body balm – Mokosh

Mokosh brand is a Polish manufacturer of natural cosmetics. The balm created on the basis of cucumber and melon aroma is a real cosmetic hit. Ladies love it and men also certainly will not be able to resist it.

V. Something for the hair – Sol de Janeiro shampoo

The exotic sounding name also brings with it quality resulting from the composition of the cosmetic. This shampoo does not contain any artificial enhancers like SLS, instead it is rich in fatty acids.

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