Sunburns – do you know how to deal with them?

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In the summer we love to spend time outdoors and sunbathe. Unfortunately, this comes with a risk of sunburn. Find out how to deal with them

Types of sunburn

There are several types of sunburn. The cause is, of course, excessive exposure to the sun. It’s helpful to know what distinguishes them and how to deal with them. We recognize the following sunburn

  • light – in this case we will notice redness of the skin, there will be a slight swelling, and we will also feel a burning sensation. With such a burn is the easiest to deal with, although it is still a rather inconvenient condition;
  • serious – in addition to the characteristic erythema there are blisters and blisters filled with serous fluid. The burning is more intense, and there is also extremely severe pain. In this case, it is necessary to go to the doctor, who will recommend the appropriate treatment.

Regardless of what kind of burn we are dealing with, as soon as possible we should fight the troublesome consequences. How can you do this?

How to deal with minor burns?

When going to the seaside, we should equip ourselves with appropriate preparations that will alleviate any burns. Mild burns can be handled without the help of a doctor. What should you do? First of all you should immediately cool down your skin. This should be done with water and cool compresses. Remember to change the compresses frequently and to apply them very gently to particularly sensitive areas. Be careful not to apply compresses that are too cold in order not to cause thermal shock as this may aggravate the pain. Home methods include compresses made of cucumber or tomato slices. Some people even use lemon juice. These methods will work best within an hour of the burn occurring. However, the above methods work for a very short time, so it is worth reaching for preparations from the pharmacy that will have soothing and relieving properties – foam, gel or light milk.

What not to do when fighting sunburn?

In the fight against the effects of sunburn should not lubricate the skin with thick creams and greasy ointments or oils. Such preparations block the access of air to the skin, which makes the recovery process takes much longer. We should bet on light cosmetics that provide an adequate level of hydration

What supports skin regeneration and why?

The effectiveness of preparations depends on their composition. Reach for products that contain:

  • jojoba oil – ideally supports dry and dehydrated skin;
  • borage oil – soothes inflammation;
  • evening primrose oil – regulates skin hydration while inhibiting the aging process
  • aloe vera – has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • vitamin E – as an antioxidant it reduces the signs of skin ageing;
  • argan oil – regenerates the skin and facilitates healing;
  • avocado oil – prevents water loss from the epidermis.

Danger of sunburn and sunstroke

Sunburn is extremely dangerous, especially since it can mean a serious condition that requires medical attention. Prolonged exposure to intense sun can be associated with sunstroke, which manifests itself with nausea, vomiting, fever, as well as headache and dizziness. If this happens, it is essential to go to a shaded, cool room where you can cool your skin. If the symptoms persist or get worse, it is essential to call a doctor.


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