Can erectile problems negatively affect your health?

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Erectile problem is a story that, for most men, is associated not only with embarrassment, but also with a deterioration of the relationship with a loved one. But can erection problems also be bad for your health? We’ve taken this topic under a microscope.

What is an erection? It is erection of the penis, i.e. nothing else than readiness of the body to start sexual intercourse. When an erection occurs the penis enlarges, stiffens and hardens. This situation is usually triggered by visual, tactile or auditory stimuli. And although it may seem to be a natural bodily reaction, more and more men (even under 30) experience disorders in this field. Anyway, there are also studies which inform, that erection problems affect almost two million Poles. This kind of ailment appears more often in mature men, however it is not a rule. Problems can come gradually or occur suddenly.

Importantly, if the inability to have sexual intercourse happened to you once, you have no reason to worry. However, if the situation repeats, we suggest contacting an internist, sexologist, urologist or psychologist.

Erectile problems – the causes

Did you know that erectile dysfunction problems can be really many? And while these disorders can have both a psychological and physical background, experts say that most often atherosclerosis or hypertension is to blame. Other reasons that lead to problems with erection can be: diabetes, thyroid disease or metabolic syndrome. Doctors very often search for the problem in mental disorders, such as depression or simply in leading a very stressful and unhealthy lifestyle (too little sleep, smoking, alcohol abuse, sedentary lifestyle, overtired body or obesity). Other sources of these problems may also be: multiple sclerosis, stroke, liver and kidney failure, broken penis, as well as pelvic and spinal cord injuries. Erectile dysfunction can also be affected by taking certain medications, such as hormones, blood pressure medication, or psychotropics. Experts also look for problems within a particular partnership.

Erectile problems – do they affect my fertility?

A lot has been heard lately that erectile problems can affect a man’s fertility. Is this really a true theory? Well, in a way it might be. After all, without getting an erection, sexual intercourse will not take place, which means there is no possibility of conception. However, problems with erection are not synonymous with poorer quality semen. The most important thing is that the parameters of the semen depend on it.

However, remember that when erection problems occur regularly, it may be a signal from the body that something wrong is going on. As we have already mentioned, the causes of erection problems are numerous. Serious diseases of the body may also be responsible for this condition.

Erection problems – treatment

As we have already mentioned, if erectile dysfunction occurs in you once or twice, you have no reason to worry. However, if you notice that it is becoming a real problem, in the first place you should go to a specialist. The right doctor will indicate the right treatment.

However, you are wondering what you can expect? There are several options. Most often, however, experts recommend using compression rings, vacuum pumps or taking injections with a preparation that is supposed to dilate blood vessels. If the source of the problem lies in the psyche and relationships, it is recommended to participate in therapies.

Specialists will also “prescribe” a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, avoidance of stress, and regular check-ups for people who have or are afraid of erectile dysfunction. Is there anything else you can do to correct the problem? Over-the-counter remedies such as viagra or kamagra are also available in pharmacies.


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