Perfume – what to consider when shopping?

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You would like to have a new perfume in your dressing table, but you do not know which one to choose? No wonder, the market offers a wide range of fragrances at different price ranges. So what to look for when choosing a perfume? We suggest what to pay attention to.

Match perfume to your character and season

Perfume has to fit well to “fit you well” and its smell is not suffocating. If you are self-confident, strong and clear in your goals – heavier, stronger fragrances will suit you. If, on the other hand, you are shy and secretive, sweeter and more delicate fragrances will suit you

It is worth mentioning that each perfume has specific fragrance essences. They are divided into three chords:

  • head notes – these are felt first;
  • heart notes – this is the fragrance that lasts longest on the skin and clothes;
  • base notes – the base of the aroma, responsible for its durability.

Knowing your favorite essences, it will be easy to make a preliminary selection of perfumes before you even go to the store.

And how to choose a perfume for the season? The rule is simple. In autumn and winter, heavy, almost suffocating fragrances work best. They are very noticeable and will add to your originality. In summer and spring, on the other hand, bet on those light, floral aromas. They will go well with the warmth and sunshine outside.

Test a perfume before you buy it

What should you pay attention to when you go to the perfumery? First of all, do not smell several fragrances in one day. Our brain is not adapted to this and will distort your feelings after the fourth or fifth fragrance. Check a maximum of three fragrances during one visit to the perfume shop. Then you can be sure that your impressions are true

It is worth spraying a tester on your skin and wearing the perfume for a while. This will allow you to see if you like the scent and check its durability. The ideal time to visit the perfumery is in the morning. This is when our sense of smell is most acute. When you are preparing for such a visit, refrain from using any fragrances that can distort the tested smell

Apply the tested perfume to the appropriate areas

The best places on our body to apply perfume are those that are warm and have a noticeable pulse. The warmth will make the aroma more noticeable. Spray on your wrists, forearms, neck and elbow bend area. It is important not to rub your wrists. This will make the scent not last in that area.

It is also worth noting that the scent is more intense and lasts longer on moisturized skin. You can use lotion or petroleum jelly for this purpose. Apply the product in question on your skin before applying the perfume and enjoy longer effects.

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