How to boost your confidence? 5 steps to follow

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Self-confidence is every man’s greatest asset. It allows us to feel good in our bodies, make healthy and valuable relationships and achieve success in life. It is a trait with which everyone is born, but the environment in which we grow up, and social roles imposed on us make us lack self-confidence over the years. See how to regain it and what to do to remember your worth all the time.

Accept yourself

Self-esteem comes from accepting who you are, what you look like, and what your passions are. Love your extra three pounds, your unruly hair that you don’t always have time to style, and your dislike of soccer. Only when you fully accept yourself will you be able to turn all your flaws into advantages, and your self-confidence will skyrocket.

Let go of the toxic masculinity image

Toxic masculinity is the English term for a toxic perception of masculinity. This phenomenon is incredibly entrenched in Polish society. For generations little boys have been told that “boys don’t cry” and grown men have been told bluntly not to cry like a woman. But it’s not just about emotions. The expectations that society has of men have made it so that if you earn less than your partner, have an “unmanly” profession such as an early childhood teacher, dancer or makeup artist, you may feel unmanly. This is nonsense! Men have the right to experience their emotions, to cry, to rejoice, to grieve, they have the right to “show vulnerability”, to be figure skaters and still feel confident. What you do, how you act, and how you look are not indicative of the kind of person you are, so don’t let toxic masculinity take away your sense of worth

Take care of yourself to feel attractive

If you have trouble accepting your body, take care of it. Maybe it’s through a six-pack that you can boost your confidence, and then once you love yourself as a whole, that feeling will be with you forever. If there is a feature of your appearance that you sincerely hate and despite many attempts you haven’t managed to accept it in yourself, don’t get tired and change it. It is difficult to build self-esteem if you keep thinking about your complexes. Many of them you can get rid of by accepting them, but there are things you can’t get over and changing them, for example with the help of aesthetic medicine, should not be a reason to be ashamed

Power pose – it really works!

The power pose may sound like complete nonsense, but scientific studies have shown that body posture and facial expressions affect emotions and mood. It has been shown that just two minutes of standing in the ‘power position’, i.e. with a straight spine, keeping your hands on your hips, increases testosterone levels in the blood and lowers the stress hormone cortisol. In practice, this means that you will find it easier to mark your boundaries, express your opinion and say no when necessary.

Take the initiative and don’t be afraid of challenges

Facing your fears and practicing taking initiative can really boost your self-esteem. When you run away from difficult situations, you convince yourself that you can’t or won’t be able to do something. Breaking through and overcoming that angry voice in your head is a huge confidence booster. Try it!

Self-confidence and high self-esteem are qualities that everyone wants to have. However, boosting your self-esteem is hard work that needs to be done throughout your life. These few steps are just a guide on how to start working on your self-esteem. Try our methods and believe in yourself!


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